4 June 2020
Studio Pilates

3 Lessons That Can Be Learnt from COVID

To say that 2020 has been a challenging year would be an understatement. Many of us have not experienced a situation of this nature before, where our lives seemingly changed overnight. Not being able to enjoy the freedoms, that many of viewed as rights, was a shock to the system. While there is no doubt that the effects of this are going to be harshly felt for years to come, there are some important lessons that we can take away from this experience. 1. There is no glory in being busy Slow down. Before COVID, our modern world and its people were functioning on overdrive, at risk of serious burnout. During the past few months, some of us have been lucky enough to spend more time at home with loved ones, reconnecting with and realigning our values. If you have the option, try not to revert back to the unnecessarily busy pace of life as things start to return to normal. Take pleasure in slowing down. 2. Don’t be afraid to take a sick day – it could save a life A hero isn’t always someone who soldiers on. A hero is also someone who can admit defeat. Before COVID, taking a sick day from work – even when genuinely sick – was often viewed as a form of laziness or worse yet, weakness. We can only hope that this experience has taught us that our wellbeing is intrinsically linked to our happiness, and our job performance. So next time you’re feeling unwell, speak up and stay home and place your health, and that of others, first. 3. Personal freedoms are a luxury we should be grateful for, always Eating at a restaurant, exercising, grocery shopping, catching up with friends, leaving the house whenever we want, feeling safe. These are things that we have grown accustomed to doing on a daily basis. It wasn’t a matter of if, it was a matter of when. And that in itself shows just how lucky many of us truly are. So with a little perspective, we can hopefully learn to complain less and be mindful of the amazing personal freedoms that are available to us.
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