30 May 2022
Studio Pilates

3 Reasons Water is so Important

We all know how important water is for our health, but do you know how many functions it actually affects? From digestion and blood pressure right through to skin health and weight loss, water plays a crucial role in the function of the human body – we are 60% water afterall! Here are 3 reasons why water is so important. It keeps our digestion going  Have you ever noticed that you can start to feel a little bit blocked up if you haven’t drunk enough water that day? It’s no coincidence. Water binds to the soluble fiber in the food we eat, helping the food pass through our digestive system at a healthy rate. If you don’t consume enough water, your body will draw the water from your stool. This not only helps us avoid constipation and bloating, but also helps flush toxins and takes the pressure off our liver and kidneys. Can aid weight loss  Studies have shown that people who drink their daily recommended water intake, for the most part have better portion control, which can lead to easier weight loss. Hunger can often be mistaken for thirst, so hitting your daily water quota can help ensure you don’t accidentally overeat. It help prevents joint pain  We have over 300 joints in our body, which aid our mobility and range of motion. These joints are lubricated with a substance called synovial fluid, which helps to minimize friction, which can lead to cartilage damage and osteoarthritis. Proper hydration helps keep these joints lubricated to decrease the risk of injury.  
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