28 September 2021
Studio Pilates

Apps to Help you Practice Mindfulness Daily

Many of us have experienced the amazing effects that working out can have on our mental wellbeing. We often read about it, hear about and talk about it with our friends. But, it’s not often asked if our mental health can positively impact our exercise regime. Yet a clear, positive mindset is essential for motivation and concentration, of which you need both when exercising and sticking to a fitness routine. With that said, why not try starting and ending your day with 10 minutes of positive reflection? The flow-on effects have the potential to lift your mood and increase energy, making you far more likely to get up and move! Not to mention positive thinking is a must when it comes to self-belief. Here we have created a list of our favourite apps that help with forming daily gratitude and mindfulness habits. Calm Calm is your meditation go-to. Learn the basics, get access to guided meditations and customise the meditations to your specific needs, whether your goal is to reduce stress or just learning to take time out from the busyness of your world. This App is essentially a reset button for your mind. Headspace: Meditation and Sleep This is another great App for quick meditations that help the mind rest a little easier. One of the App’s other amazing features is “Mindful Moments”, which makes you more aware of your daily tasks and activities. This App keeps you present and helps you to appreciate the little things in life. Something we could all benefit from. Grateful: A Gratitude Journal Described as “an App for counting blessings”. This easy-to-use App provides simple daily prompts to help you reflect on the positives in your day. You can customise the prompts so that they are relevant for you and your preferred form of reflection. All you need is a few minutes each day. Reflectly Reflectly is an intelligent journal and interactive App that helps its users to reflect on their daily thoughts and problems. It allows you to track your mindset and gain insights from content that is personalised according to your use. All that’s required is five minutes for you to stop, reflect and create a greater sense of self-awareness. The good news is that this list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mindfulness Apps! If you are still on the hunt, it is reassuring to know that there are plenty of varied options out there. Most Apps are free to download or have a free version, meaning you can try before you buy!
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