27 February 2023
Studio Pilates

No Fitness Experience Required To Own A Studio

One of the most commonly asked questions we get at Studio Pilates is ‘if I don’t have any experience working in the fitness industry, can I still own a franchise’ and the answer is yes! In the same way our Studio Pilates workouts are achievable for everybody, the Studio Pilates Franchise Business Model was also designed to be an accessible business model for anyone, no matter your professional background.


For this reason, we have such an incredible network of franchisees who each have incredibly diverse professional backgrounds, with one thing in common - a passion for Pilates - which truth be told is the only prerequisite you really need!


One of our franchisees Carissa Vaudrey is a case in point, who opened her studio recently in Silverdale, New Zealand, with no prior experience in the fitness industry. Carissa fell in love with Studio Pilates firstly as a client, and her passion saw her absolutely smash her opening and break a new Studio Pilates record receiving 1,099 enquiries before the studio was even open, generating $115,500 (ex GST) in her first 30 days of trade.


Who referred you to Studio Pilates initially/how did you find out about it?


A good friend of mine encouraged me to attend a class with her and while hesitant, she was very insistent and eventually she got me along to a class at Takapuna. I think within 8 weeks of that class we had entered into negotiations with John L Scott (Studio Pilates Director of Franchising), had breakfast with Jade soon after and decided really quickly to make it a reality.


What was the catalyst that inspired you to buy your first franchise? 


I know it sounds cliche, but being part of a successful global grassroots brand that grew from the ground up out of a passion to change peoples lives was important to me. I also really wanted to be a part of a brand people knew and spoke very highly of.


What was your previous professional history prior to purchasing a franchise?


Unlike a lot of the talented SPI franchisees, I don’t come from a fitness background. I come from a sales and marketing background with 15 years experience running my own SME which employed a team of 25. Burnt out from the post COVID-19 corporate world, I decided it was time to do something good for myself and SPI felt like a good catalyst to make this a reality.

What do you love about the franchise model? 


Being a part of a network of talented and successful people. Having someone take care of the technology side of things. Not having to choose an outfit each work day.


Do you have a passion for Pilates or was it something you saw more as a business investment? 


Both. Reformer is the only fitness I have ever enjoyed and committed to, so that speaks volumes. I also saw SPI as an opportunity to have a healthier relationship with my career than I have had in the past.


What's your day-to-day involvement with SP like? 


Right now, it’s very hands-on. I do admin, sales, LAM and instructing, but I don’t do it alone - I do it with the support of a team of vibrant, motivated and talented humans whom I am so grateful for.

What do you love most about what you do? 


Making connections with clients and giving them 45 minutes of “me” time in this crazy busy world. Time is my love language, so sharing this with people makes my heart full. Also, working towards a goal - I am a results-driven person, so I love having benchmarks to work towards.


What would you say to anyone who is on the fence about buying a Studio? 


Talk to as many franchisees as you can as each has their own experiences, and it’s really valuable to hear their story. Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions to make an informed decision.


For more information on franchising opportunities with Studio Pilates International, visit https://www.studiopilatesfranchise.com.

You can also email or call one of our friendly and helpful team:

AUS, NZ, Canada, Europe: John L. Scott - joinus@studiopilates.com or call +61 43 117 8272

USA: January Swiderski - usajoinus@studiopilates.com or call 09173103883

UK: Alison Day - ukjoinus@studiopilates.com or call 02032891442.

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