How much do Pilates studio owners make?

people exercising Pilates studio

People working out in Pilates studio

If you’re passionate about Pilates,  you may have wondered about owning your own Pilates studio.

But for most of us the big question is “Can I afford to leave my job and follow my dream?” 

Income surveys, such as US Ziprecruiter, estimate that successful gym and Pilates studio owners can make well into six figures a year. But of course there is huge variability depending on many factors – like any other business, the better you run your studio, the more profit you will make. 

We asked our colleagues in the Studio Pilates Franchise team who said:  “The short answer is if the quality of the instruction in your studio is world class, and if you’re keeping your expenses low and the revenue coming in, you’ll enjoy success and earn good profits.  It comes down to a combination of a well run business and sufficient demand.”

This is a question they’re often asked, so they pulled together a blog on exactly this question.  

The blog tackles a variety of key topics, such as:

  • How much successful gym and Pilates studio owners can make a year 
  • Opportunities for increasing your earnings through owning more than one studio
  • The different factors that influence the profitability of a Pilates studio
  • The benefits of a Studio Pilates Franchise compared to running your own independent studio 
  • How long before you might make a profit
  • The outlook for the fitness industry

If you’re thinking about your own studio and want to know more about how much Pilates studio owners make, read the blog hereYou might want to also read our blog Are Pilates Studios profitable.

To find out more about a Studio Pilates Franchise  visit our franchise website.