Celebrities Loving Pilates

Pilates’ popularity is taking over the globe – here are 7 reasons why!

The fitness landscape is evolving, and one movement has emerged as the ultimate game-changer: Pilates.

Say goodbye to the days of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), gruelling sessions at the gym, and intimidating CrossFit workouts dominating the scene – Pilates is stealing the spotlight – and for good reason!

But don’t just take our word for it. The statistics are in, and the powerful difference that Pilates is creating in the lives of millions is widely reported.  

So, what makes Pilates the new frontrunner in the wellness world, and why should you jump on a reformer? Let’s dive in!


  1. The Rise of Low-Impact Fitness

In a world where longevity reigns supreme, low-impact and functional fitness workouts are gaining traction.

More than one-third of Americans now prefer low-intensity training exclusively, prioritising workouts that are gentle on the body while enhancing strength and flexibility. This rising popularity has also been observed in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Gone are the days of risking injuries with high-impact workouts; Reformer Pilates offers a safer alternative for achieving your fitness goals.

World-class physiotherapists have designed Studio Pilates International workouts to help you achieve toned and strong muscles with less risk of causing or aggravating current injuries.  


  1. Pilates: The MVP of Functional Fitness

Functional fitness, the buzzword in the wellness sphere, focuses on movements that enhance physiological function and prepare the body for everyday activities.

Enter Pilates – a low-impact exercise that boosts balance, flexibility, and core strength and aids in injury recovery.

It’s no wonder that Pilates topped the charts as the most popular ClassPass workout of 2023, with booking reservations skyrocketing by 92% from the previous year.

Or why celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, and Harry Styles boast Reformer Pilates as their go-to fitness routines.


  1. Embracing the Mind-Body Connection

In a fast-paced world, finding harmony between mind and body is essential.

Pilates offers a holistic approach to fitness, emphasising controlled movements, proper breathing techniques, and mindful awareness.

It’s not just about sculpting your physique but nurturing your overall well-being.

The low-impact nature of Reformer Pilates not only relieves stress on your body but can also help you relieve the stress and anxiety from your busy day. Carving out time for restorative fitness practices is also essential for supporting your stress levels and health.


  1. Catering to Every Age and Stage

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast in your twenties or a seasoned wellness warrior in your golden years, Reformer Pilates welcomes all ages and fitness levels.

Maintaining muscle mass and function becomes paramount as we age or face significant physical milestones.

Reformer Pilates, with its emphasis on safe functional movement, proves to be particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing menopausal symptoms, are pregnant or post-natal, or are over 40 years old – helping them stay strong, agile, and injury-free.


  1. Joining the Wellness Collective

Wellness isn’t just about solo sweat sessions – it’s about building your community and connection.

Studio Pilates International fosters a supportive environment where individuals come together to pursue their fitness goals in a fun and inclusive atmosphere.

With nearly half of all consumers valuing community in their wellness experiences, Pilates emerges as the perfect blend of personal growth and shared camaraderie.


  1. A Year-Round Fitness Phenomenon

While January typically marks the peak of fitness resolutions, the allure of Pilates extends far beyond the New Year hype.

Pilates is a timeless choice whether you’re looking to kickstart your fitness journey or maintain your momentum.

Reformer Pilates workouts in our luxurious studios offer a comfortable experience year-round!

With the perfect climate-controlled studios and the unique ability to tailor the workout to your preferred intensity level using our custom-designed springs – you will get the most from your session – any day of the year.

The best part is that you will start to see results quickly, no matter when you begin.


  1. Sports Reimagined: Pilates is for Everyone

Who says sports are reserved for the field or court? Pilates has rewritten the playbook, blending elements of athleticism with graceful movement.

As sports and recreation continue to be a staple, Pilates emerges as a dynamic alternative, offering a fusion of strength, flexibility, and agility – all within the confines of your reformer.

So it’s no wonder that athletes love Reformer Pilates but this routine also offers an accessible option for anybody interested in improving their body, health, and fitness.


Reformer Pilates stands tall as the epitome of modern fitness as we bid adieu to outdated fitness trends and embrace a new era of holistic wellness.

With its emphasis on longevity, functionality, and community, Pilates isn’t just a workout – it’s a lifestyle.

So, join the movement, rock up to our reformers, and discover why Pilates is becoming the most essential and popular workout of 2024 and beyond. Your body and mind will thank you!

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