15 November 2022
Studio Pilates

1003 Client Visits in 7 Days. Is This the Busiest Pilates Studio in the World?

When it comes to a fitness business, the single most important asset you can have is members/clients. Without a strong client base, a business of any kind won’t succeed, particularly as competition is continuing to grow. When we look at the size of our client base - both new client acquisition and client retention are equally as important - to ensure you’re on track to achieve positive cash flow from day 1 and you’re able to maintain it to run a consistently profitable business, which we see in both new and existing studios.


Last week our very first studio in Brisbane's Hawthorne broke a Studio Pilates record seeing a staggering 1003 clients through the door in just 7 days. These numbers are massive, and a huge congratulations to the Hawthorne Team who have been focused on continuing to deliver an amazing customer experience in each and every class, plus working diligently on their local area marketing. It seems they are certainly reaping all the benefits of these two things.


It’s at this time that we ask you, is this the busiest Pilates studio in the world? We’d love to hear from you if you know of a busier one in your local area.


It’s also important to note here that Studio Pilates operates with a ‘pay per class’ model as opposed to a ‘membership’ which most boutique fitness providers opt for. This means that each of these 1003 classes were paid for in advance by the customer. This payment model produces incredibly strong cash flow for the business and this further demonstrates the desirability of the pay per class model in the fitness space.


This milestone is true testament to the strength of the Studio Pilates brand as well as the strength of our franchise support, training and onboarding programs, which require no prior experience in business or fitness. Both client acquisition and retention are huge parts of our franchisee sales and marketing training and are just two areas of business that our highly experienced global franchise team are able to provide, in addition with ongoing guidance and support to our franchisees.


Our franchise management team has over 200 years of collective experience and are on hand to help and support our studio owners right from the minute you sign your franchise agreement. Remember we’re here to help ensure every studio succeeds and to change the way the world works out, one studio at a time.


So if you’ve ever thought about opening a Studio Pilates studio or you’re interested in hearing more about joining one of the worlds best and most supportive Pilates networks, book an obligation free video chat or contact Franchising Director John L Scott || email joinus@studiopilates.com or phone +61 431 178 272

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