16 January 2023
Studio Pilates

2023's Biggest Fitness Trends

Just like in fashion, trends in fitness come and go, but the one form of exercise that’s proven it’s definitely here to stay is Pilates, and more specifically, reformer Pilates. This low impact, high intensity form of exercise is suitable for a diverse range of people and is loved by celebrities, athletes, supermodels, physiotherapists, fitness enthusiasts and everyday people - proving that it really is the workout for everybody.


It’s safe to say that reformer Pilates will remain one of 2023’s biggest fitness trends, and here are three reasons it’s going to retain its popularity for years to come.

It’s in high demand 


At Studio Pilates, it’s very common to see classes completely booked out and waitlisted, for both existing studios as well as brand new studios. Our original studio in Brisbane’s Hawthorne recently broke a record seeing 1048 clients through in a single week and our Coolum Beach studio was completely booked out 2 weeks prior to even opening, requiring them to add additional classes to the timetable.


It’s suitable for every body


Unlike some boutique fitness offerings that cater and appeal to a very niche clientele, Studio Pilates is suitable for every body - of all ages, fitness levels and abilities. Studio Pilates was co-founded by a physiotherapist and a former olympic swimmer and each exercise performed in a class is modifiable and can be regressed or progressed. For this reason, Studio Pilates has a big client pool making it easier to generate leads and in turn profit - giving every studio the security of longevity.

It’s not a fad


There are many trends in the fitness industry that have come and gone quicker than you can say heart rate - but Pilates is far from a trend. Developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates as a way to rehabilitate soldiers and injured dancers, Pilates has withstood the test of time and has a rich proven history, something not many exercise programs can say.


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