23 January 2018
Studio Pilates

A New Era of Fitness for China


A NEW ERA OF WORKOUTS BEGINS FOR CHINA/GUANGZHOU Studio Pilates Guangzhou opens its doors 1 December 2017 Studio Pilates International, originating in Australia, is launching a whole new way of keeping fit to the Chinese market. The studio is located in the bustling hub of Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou. The fast growing boutique Pilates offering  uses innovative video technology, allowing clients to view a 360 degree instructional perspective of each exercise on digital screens around the studio. The technology complements the verbal cues of an instructor, whose main focus is to modify and adjust each client’s technique on the reformer, and motivate them to get the most of their workout. “The digital display screens allow instructors to correct clients on a one-on-one basis, without having to break the flow of instruction, which delivers greater focus and ultimately the best results to our clients,” co-founder of Studio Pilates, Jade Winter said.  Studio Pilates keeps clients’ bodies guessing with a total of 150 exercises – using every plane of movement, from lying to sitting to standing – across multiple workouts.  And just when they feel they can’t keep going, a countdown clock appears on screen to push them through to the end. The Studio Pilates blueprint has already amassed a large number of committed Pilates devotees throughout Australia, and more recently, New Zealand, many surprised about how rigorous a Pilates workout can be.  But not only are they coming for the fast results they see, they are also coming for the unique ambience of the glamorous studios, which are fitted out with polished floorboards, chandeliers and custom built reformers in its trademark black. High energy music greet clients from the moment they walk through the door, keeping the vibe uptempo and friendly. Studio Pilates – Guangzhou co-owner, Sukai Farrell, says Reformer Pilates offers an intense workout for even those with the busiest of lifestyles. “Very few people can dedicate multiple hours to exercising each day, but our high-impact classes make it look like you do,” says Farrell. “I’ve seen complete transformations in people who haven’t had to sacrifice time with their families or careers to achieve incredible results.” Situated across the street from the popular IGC mall, the new studio is ideal for people who either live and work around the Guangzhou CBD area who want to pop in for a quick session either before or after work, or during their lunch break. The studio will feature just 12 reformers for a truly personal take on a class workout. The forty minute Pilates reformer classes are designed by physiotherapists  based on the most up-to-date scientific principles, and sequenced in such a way as to get the best results in the least amount of time. Winter’s entrepreneurial flair, along with that of his wife, Tanya, who heads up the education division of the operation, has seen the franchise expand quickly in recent years, with the Guangzhou studio taking the operation to a total of 17 studios, with almost as many again in various stages of launch over coming months. Interest is strong in other strategic locations, including several international locations, including London, which is set to open in January 2018. “It’s a new era in workouts. The future of fitness,” said Jade. Background Established by Jade and Tanya Winter in 2002, in Brisbane Australia, Studio Pilates International offers clients a premium service and has taken in excess of 50,000 clients through their body-changing workouts. With Jade being a former Australian Olympian and fitness expert, and Tanya a qualified physiotherapist and former full-time Pilates instructor, their combined knowledge has them at the forefront of the Pilates industry. Their studios offer revolutionary Pilates reformer classes with a full body workout in only 40 minutes. The company claims that Studio Pilates radically sculpts, tones and reshapes the entire body in a very unique way, helping their clients become stronger, lose fat and change shape – ultimately giving them amazing results. Pilates also builds endurance, boosting both mental and physical stamina, improving body awareness, coordination and balance and the way one sits, stands, moves and hold themselves. Together, Jade and Tanya Winter share the dream of one day inspiring and empowering one million people to do their Studio Pilates International workouts on a daily basis, giving others the chance to live a life of health, happiness and well being. Studio locations across Australia: in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns and soon Sydney plus Auckland in New Zealand.     For further information visit http://www.studiopilates.com/ Studio Pilates Marketing  61 7 3899 4555  
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