22 February 2021
Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates - ahead of the curve!

While other providers scramble to come up with different ways of working to meet the new normal, Studio Pilates is ahead of the curve.


Our innovative technology-driven approach delivers a world class workout that is right in step when local restrictions require Covid-safe individual workouts, meaning that we’re well positioned to continue operating with minimal need for adjustment.

We offer a personalised session, where clients will not only have their own space and equipment but also our unique in-studio large screen video technology, running regularly changing workout instruction. Alongside the technology, they have personalized coaching from a hands-off, microphone-on, expert instructor to motivate attendees and perfect their technique.


Saving time


In-studio screens deliver a beat-driven, muscle-burning, reformer Pilates class, with no need for clients to bring in headphones and set up with their phone. We have everything pre-programmed, ready and waiting, so their session is time efficient and super effective, and available studio time is maximised. What’s just as important, is that you and your team will save hours every day not having to create programs or curate music playlists. This is all prepared and automated for you. Meaning more time to spend with your clients and more time to look after business.


Consistently excellent


At Studio Pilates, everyone, everywhere across the world experiences the same workout on the same day. So customers can rely on us for an awesome workout each and every time, building their confidence and reinforcing brand loyalty. We know, and you know, that consumer confidence brings repeat business, and repeat business drives profitable results.


A personal training session, with the great vibe of a class.


Clients follow the same session workout at the same time, but stay within the current safety guidelines. Our coaches work their magic by making each client feel like they’re the only one in the studio, so they get the most out of every exercise, every workout. It feels more like a personal training session, with the great vibe of a class.


World class workout every time


 Studio Pilates delivers a super-efficient way to work out.  A state-of-the-art, scientifically-based way for clients to transform their entire body in the quickest time possible. In just 40 minutes, each high intensity low-impact class delivers incredible results, based on our always flowing, non stop, no waiting formula for success. This is where our workouts excel and it’s what our clients can’t get enough of in the wake of COVID restrictions.


Keeping clients and staff safe


The safety of our clients and staff has always been our highest priority. We have been hard at work to make sure that our clients and staff stay safe, while they enjoy a great work-out.

Each of our studios has a COVID safe plan which provides a framework for managing requirements associated with COVID-19 on their return to operation. It is based on a Studio Pilates International network-wide standard and identifies the unique factors related to COVID-19 within a Studio Pilates International studio, and provides specific protocols to manage these.

We have reviewed our rigorous hygiene and cleanliness practices against the national guidelines and recommendations with regard to the coronavirus, as well as adding our own ultra-hygienic measures to ensure staff and client safety.

Our measures, which have passed a Department of Health Inspection, include:

  • Social distancing and no touch instructing

  • Masks worn by all clients and staff

  • Temperature checks

  • Contact tracing register

  • Rigorous cleaning

  • Provision of Hand and equipment sanitiser

  • Provision of single use gloves

  • Merv 13 Filters

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