6 December 2017
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10 Pilates Pros on Instagram to Inspire Your Next Workout

With everyone from Meghan Markle to the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s swearing by Pilates for toned limbs and a clear mind, it’s no surprise Instagram is filled with devotees too. We’d love to welcome you to enjoy this total mind and body workout at your local Studio Pilates – and in the interim, keep up with these fabulous Insta Pilates experts. Picture this: You’re procrastinating, putting off your next workout while scrolling through Instagram as a distraction. Then wham, one of the ultra-motivating, digital Pilates gurus appears in your feed. Not so likely to miss that class now, are you? Seriously though, Instagram is bursting with free workout tips and motivation; all you need to do is follow the right people to gain access. It’s why we short-listed 10 of our favorite Insta-famous Pilates experts, all of whom can help inspire (and improve!) your next practice. Keep scrolling!    


Blogger, health coach, and fitness expert, Lottie Murphy, is one of Instagram’s Pilates It-girls (yes, that’s a thing). She’s a guru when it comes to both mat and reformer training. Peep her Instagram for instructional videos and minimalist activewear inspiration—and keep scrolling through Lottie’s food for healthy recipe ideas as well.    


Mandy’s account has it all: Yoga, Pilates, cute activewear, and beautiful travel photos. This free-spirited influencer shares instructional fitness videos (like this one) with her followers, with a little taste of outfit inspiration.    


Caitlin is here to fuel your wanderlust as she documents her fit (and glamorous) jet-set lifestyle. Follow her as Caitlin travels around the city she calls home (New York) to California, Greece, and beyond.    


Yes, we’re talking about the Kate Hudson. The “Deepwater Horizon” and “Fools Gold” star is actual devout wellness fan (she even started an activewear line) and often posts an inside look at her own fitness routine—which often includes reformer Pilates.    


We couldn’t put together a list of Instagram’s must-follow Pilates gurus without including Cassey Ho, the 29-year-old fitness entrepreneur behind Blogilates. She has over 3 million followers on YouTube and more than a 1.4 million on Instagram. Yes, she posts a ton of technical workout advice, but she’s also known for her body-positive approach to Pilates. A couple of years ago, Ho went viral after publicly hitting back at internet trolls in a true fist-pumping moment for body image activists everywhere.    


Fashion and fitness fans, this account’s for you. As the editor of sleek wellness site, Sporteluxe, Bianca’s personal Instagram aesthetic is as clean, bright, and beautiful as her editorial platform. A fan of low-impact exercise such as Pilates and yoga, she takes followers inside her own practice and her travels. Hit the little blue “follow” button and subscribe to her super sleek feed.    


Meet ultra-fit Pilates instructor, Joni Weeks. If you can tear your eyes away from her impressive abs, be sure to take note of Weeks’ captions, where she shares a wealth of knowledge for the Pilates newbie or veteran looking to lift their game.    


Destinations like San Diego, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica offer incredible backdrops for Pilates and yoga photos—which is probably why fitness-obsessed world-traveler has nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram. Follow her to update your healthy travel hit list, and then start dreaming about Pilates retreats in exotic locations.    


Fitness blogger and mom, Jennifer Forrester is full of personality. She keeps it real while balancing exercise with caring for her young family, and is both relatable and motivational. Follow her for diverse workout videos that draw on Pilates, high intensity interval training, and yoga.    


Hello, adorable activewear. If you manage to peel your eyes away from Swedish fitness blogger and personal trainer Faya Nilsson’s cute workout style, take note of her easy-to-follow instructional videos, fitness travel destinations, and healthy food ideas.     Guest Writer: Jasmine Garnsworthy
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