25 July 2022
Studio Pilates

Benefits of Being a Studio Pilates Multi-Site Owner

Did you know that more than 50% of our Studio Pilates franchisees own more than 1 studio, with many opting to reinvest within the first 12-24 months? Even amidst the pandemic, which wreaked havoc on the global fitness industry, the number of sites sold globally grew by 53% YOY from FY21-FY22, further solidifying the strength of the Studio Pilates franchise business model. If you think you’re ready for round 2 or are even considering opening your first with the intention to expand, here are some benefits of being a Studio Pilates multi-site owner.


Better finance options 


Studio Pilates is proud to be part of the ANZ Franchise Finance Program, which streamlines what can otherwise be a long and complicated process, and can even be the roadblock that prevents people from investing in a business. While each franchisee is assessed on a case by case basis, financing for a second franchise is much easier to acquire than the first and can even cover up to 100% of the funding required straight up.


Apply key learnings 


They say practice leads to perfection and perfection leads to succession and that definitely rings true when it comes to opening a second studio. One of the most valuable things about going back for round 2, is that you know exactly what lies ahead, so you can finesse and fine-tune your approach accordingly. From opening weekend activations and staffing to pre-launch digital campaigns, you can apply all the key learnings from your first studio opening - both what worked well and what didn’t work well - to help ensure a smooth, seamless and above all else successful second opening.


Share costs across studios 


Owning multiple sites means you share/distribute many of the costs/resources between studios. This includes things like staffing - not only being able to provide more hours for your staffing superstars but also more staff on hand to cover shifts, marketing particularly if your studios are in the same territory/region as well as being able to offer your clients access to multiple studios, which is a true unique selling point for clients who join a franchise.


For more information on franchising opportunities with Studio Pilates International, please contact John L Scott, Franchising Director joinus@studiopilates.com.

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