2 July 2018
Studio Pilates

Power Your Training

POWER YOUR TRAINING  Here are nine 9 great reasons to use Pilates to Power Your Training. BOOST YOUR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE Our high-intensity classes can dramatically increase speed, efficiency, strength, and endurance for a host of athletic pursuits, whether you’re into cycling, swimming, running, rowing, golf or dance. Studio Pilates promotes proper body mechanics, postural alignment and breath control; our workouts produce the right muscle firing patterns for more fluid movements and develop strength and conditioning for stamina and power. A TOTAL BODY WORKOUT Studio Pilates radically sculpts and strengthens the entire body in a unique way, working the body on all planes of movement – sitting, lying and standing. This means that the muscles are worked from many different directions, producing uniform and very deep strength and tone, even without using heavy weights. That means you’ll get to focus on muscles which typically don’t get a lot of attention in other forms of exercise. CORE STRENGTH Every Pilates exercise will focus on using your core to power movement in your limbs. Pilates also hits the transverse abdominals, which are vital to back and core strength. BOOST FLEXIBILITY A lot of guys aren’t as flexible as they’d like to be. Pilates will help lengthen and stretch all the major muscle groups in your body in a balanced way, helping prevent injuries and muscle strains, and increasing your range of motion. INJURY PREVENTION Pilates allows the body to move as it was intended, helping maintain the strength and integrity of all the major moving groups of the body and can reverse some of the problems that specialised sports can create. The Studio Pilates reformer puts the body in a non-weight bearing position, which removes added stress and pressure from the joints that you may possibly feel participating in other types of exercise programs. BUILD MUSCLE If you’re looking to tone up a little, you’ll find that Pilates (along with a healthy diet and a little cardio) will rev up your metabolism and help lose fat and increase muscle strength and tone. INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION FROM OUR INSTRUCTORS Your instructors take the time to understand your goals, and can help you focus your training, modifying exercises to target very specific musculature so that you’ll receive a highly personalised workout, even in a group setting. INCREASE ENERGY LEVELS Studio Pilates will help improve your mental stamina and release endorphins, helping you feel positive and energised. It also helps improve concentration, stress management and relaxation. SPECIAL OFFER FOR GUYS You’ll love the fact that we’re offering 6 classes for $60* to get you started. Plus, as an extra incentive, you’ll receive a bonus class if you join up in July. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some mates and power up your training with Studio Pilates. *This intro offer is only valid for guys new to Studio Pilates in the month of July 2018. Valid two weeks from first class and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.    
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