23 January 2018
Studio Pilates

Welcome to the Studio Pilates Community


Now you’ve done your first class with us, we have a small confession to make. You haven’t just signed up for a few Pilates workouts, but the start of a whole new lifestyle.     Sure, you can expect a fantastic workout every time you join us.  In fact, you’ll be a part of the Studio Pilates revolution that is sweeping the world a state-of-the-art, scientifically-based way of transforming your body in the quickest time possible. So, it can be a little addictive. And sure, you can expect nothing less than world class instructing to get you high-fiving your goals, and then some.  And okay, we admit, that working out in luxury surrounds (under chandeliers no less) is something you’ll just have to get used to. And yes, you’ve just signed up for some serious fun! But our offering doesn’t start and end at the studio doors.  In fact, our offering starts and ends with you, and your objectives and motivations.  So we’ll be arming you with as much health, nutrition and fitness information as you can handle, so that you’re able to be your best version of you – both now and for the long term. Over the next two weeks, while you’re settling in, we’ll be keeping you posted with some information and inspirations via a series of emails. It’s important to read these emails to help you get the most out of your Pilates classes. You can also join our community on social – Facebook  and Instagram , where you’ll find loads of tips, articles and video on motivation, nutrition and training to help you get a leaner, stronger and healthier mind and body. And that’s just the beginning, we’re changing lives every day and look forward to being part of yours. Let’s talk about your goals next time you’re in the studio.    
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