9 November 2023
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Embracing a New Chapter: Life After Sport with Pilates

Athletes can often face unique journeys when transitioning from the world of professional sport to everyday life, but no one made this transition more seamless than Jenna Drummond. Jenna is a former Matildas Soccer Player who traded in her soccer boots for business ownership by opening her own Studio Pilates Studio at Palm Beach. Pilates not only helped her personally (something she believes would have given her sporting career longevity) but also professionally. In just a few short years, Jenna has opened two additional studios alongside her business partner Rachael Burke.


How long did you play professional soccer with The Matilda’s for?


My football career didn't quite last as long as I had dreamed, unfortunately. As with many athletes, injuries took their toll. The day after I debuted for the Matildas, I tore my ACL in my knee which required 12 months of rehab. I then returned to playing only to tear the ACL in my other knee a few months later, again having to rehab for another 12 months. A few games into my return to playing and I was back in surgery for another knee issue and for both my feet. So a few years only resulted in 9 games.


At what point were you introduced to Pilates?


During my playing career, we practised a bit of mat-based Pilates but only when we were in Matildas camps. My love for reformer Pilates came through Studio Pilates!

Do you think Pilates would have helped you with your athletic performance?


Absolutely and I cannot emphasise this enough! I know that if I had practised Pilates, and more specifically reformer Pilates regularly in my training regime, my body would have been strong enough to support me during my footballing career. As time passes, research and theories regarding how to increase performance improve. The majority of professional sporting organisations now incorporate Pilates into their athlete's training which highlights just how beneficial Pilates is in assisting athletes in achieving their goals.


When did you realise you wanted to open your own Pilates studio?


We moved to Palm Beach on the Gold Coast in 2018 and I was working as a Primary School Teacher. Whilst I loved teaching, it didn't give me the 'buzz' career wise that I was searching for.


Once in Palm Beach, I loved the community feel of the area and I really wanted to be involved more in the community by opening a business in the fitness industry. Through previous fitness industry experiences, I learned the power of connectedness and motivation. I wanted to build a business that strived to create a supportive sense of community - where people attended not just for the workout but for the people!


My sister in law had opened a Studio Pilates on the Sunshine Coast which I attended previously whilst I was visiting. From the moment I enquired at Studio Pilates, I fell in love with the company, their vision, their support and their world-class product!

Why was this a perfect career choice for you?


The best part of my job is meeting so many brilliant people! People of different ages, different careers, different stages in life and different stories. The people I get to meet are certainly a very fulfilling part of my career. On top of this, owning a business taps into my competitive spirit, wanting to do my very best and always with the attitude of doing better.


Are there any skills or qualities you found were transferable from your career as an athlete to your career in business?


Many! As I was a team-based athlete in soccer, I now essentially "captain" ( or "co-captain" with my business partner, Rachael) a team with our studios. Working productively as a team, knowing the importance of timely and appropriate communication, striving to hit targets both individually and as a collective as well as delivering our best performance as instructors, admin assistants and Managers are qualities needed for success in sport and business.


Why do you think owning a Studio Pilates studio is a good option for retired athletes?


You get your fitness fix through the workouts, you get your competitive fix through setting goals and targets and you get to stay within the health and fitness industry - where your true passion lies! It is very common for athletes to lose their sense of purpose when they retire. Working under the Studio Pilates banner helps with that sense of purpose and belonging in a career sense.


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