23 November 2022
Studio Pilates


There are many reasons people choose to invest in a Studio Pilates franchise, and one of those reasons is to be your own boss and create a positive and flexible change in lifestyle. This was the exact reason Kathy Abbot joined the network and helped to pioneer the Studio Pilates brand in the US when she opened her studio in Louisville, Kentucky.  Hear directly from Kathy Abbot, Studio Pilates franchisee, Louisville, Kentucky, USA Kathy is a passionate Pilates instructor and always dreamt of opening her own studio. After researching the franchise opportunities available in The US, she wasn’t satisfied with any of the existing offerings - and then she stumbled on Studio Pilates, which at the time had a presence in Australia, New Zealand and China.  Kathy immediately fell in love with the mission and philosophy, made a quick trip to Australia and after just one class, her mind was made up, she would launch Studio Pilates in the US Market - and she launched it with a bang.  “Business performance has been absolutely amazing since the minute we opened and we have absolutely blown the doors off any expectations that I had. People are responding really well to the brand here in Louisville, but it's no surprise because Studio Pilates is an amazing product, and the people here in Louisville see it immediately. They feel it in their body when they work out, and they keep coming back because they love what they're doing.” BOOK A CALL NOW Not only did Kathy gain a long list of adoring clients who can’t get enough of the physio-backed reformer Pilates classes, but she got the financial freedom and lifestyle flexibility she’d always wanted to.  “When I became a franchisee, my goal was to change my lifestyle and to be financially free and I’ve noticed there’s a huge difference in my lifestyle, working for myself instead of somebody else. I feel like I have a stronger connection to how the studio works and how the clients feel about the studio because I can directly affect how they feel with my own decisions and the support of a great headquarters in Australia.”   BOOK A CALL NOW   For more information on franchising opportunities with Studio Pilates International, please contact John L Scott, Franchising Director joinus@studiopilates.com.  
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