14 September 2020
Studio Pilates

Follow The Dream!

Liz Ryan had been a school teacher for years, before taking time away from her career to focus on her family. Now there’s a bit more Lizzie time, so she’s going to follow her dream and passion!  "I didn’t want to go back into teaching, and wanted to do something that I was passionate about. So when the email came saying that the studio I was attending was selling, I said to my husband "let’s buy it, it’s exactly what I want to do!"  Lizzie got on with pursuing her dream right away, starting her instructor training while she took over the studio. As a Studio Pilates owner you don’t have to instruct in the business, but Lizzie loved the training and given the opportunity, she couldn't resist the opportunity to get back to teaching. "I aim to give my clients the best workout ever!" Lizzie took over the Ashgrove studio in January this year, so she still feels quite new to it all, but absolutely loves it ... of course!  And she’s learnt a lot being back working again. With an amazing and supportive network of other Studio Pilates owners, the help of the HQ team and her own great team at Ashgrove, she’s really pleased with her choice to set out on this journey and excited about where it will lead.  For now she is enjoying the new experience and her environment:  “High ceilings, chandeliers, wooden floors, ornate cornices, and 10 beautiful reformers...the Studio Pilates style and design is timeless. I love walking through those doors everyday into such a luxurious studio and spending time with like-minded people. Clients take 45 minutes away from their lives when they visit, and some mums struggle to get time away from their families, so we want it to be amazing and 100% worthwhile.“  Lizzie had tried Pilates at many different places before finding Studio Pilates.  “I found that no other studio offered such an intense workout and real value for money as Studio Pilates does."  She loves the SPTV system, with workouts on the large studio screens, which allows for an intense uninterrupted session and allows clients to check on their technique.  “Mix that with the amazing knowledge of our instructors within the network who have all been through the Studio Pilates Platinum training course - and it adds up to an incredible workout journey for every client who walks in the door.” Buying a business or starting a new one can be a little daunting.  But buying a franchise makes the process so much easier. For Lizzie, once the business was completely handed over to her, she still had the ongoing support from the Head Office team to help her deal with anything and everything that came her way.  And for a mum of 3 who hadn't been in the workforce for a few years, the Studio Pilates way told her exactly what needed to be done at what time, on what day, to give her the best opportunity for success in her business. In the future  she could buy another existing studio to build her empire, or build one from scratch in a new location.  Or, like many other owners, she could consider the studio purely as an investment and hire a manager to run it on her behalf. Whatever direction she chooses, Lizzie couldn't be happier with her decision.  She has the best of all world's now - a happy family she gets to spend plenty of time with; time for her to focus on her future and doing what she loves on a daily basis; and growing a business and providing a great role model for her amazing 3 children.   And as for her young children, they couldn't be prouder of their mummy for following her dreams! "There is no regret in following your dream and passion.  How many people go to work each day and can honestly say they love their work and have the ability to change a person's wellbeing on a daily basis?" Congratulations Lizzie for embarking on this amazing journey.  We’re so happy to have you in this incredible network and we couldn't be prouder of your accomplishments so far.  Here's to the future - your possibilities are endless!

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