19 September 2022
Studio Pilates

From Client to Studio Owner

Did you know that many of our Studio Pilates Franchisees started out as clients? After experiencing the life changing magic of the unique Studio Pilates method firsthand, they realized they wanted to be part of something that helped others too.


One of those people is Melinda Clifton. Melinda was first introduced to Studio Pilates as a client, and after 20 years in the corporate sector, health issues and the stress and haze of the pandemic made her reevaluate her life and she decided it was time to turn her passion for Pilates into her profession and opened Studio Pilates Arana Hills.


With no prior experience in business, Melinda is proof that passion and desire to build your dream job is all you need to succeed!


Who referred you to Studio Pilates initially/ how did you find out about it? 


I first joined Studio Pilates Hawthorne when I moved into the area


What was the catalyst that inspired you to buy your first franchise? 


I had been teaching Pilates in independent studios for 5 years as a bit of a side hustle to my full-time job and love doing it so much that I always contemplated the idea of opening my own studio. After 2 years of pandemic chaos and stress, as well as some pretty major health issues, something in my life needed to change. When I came across the SPI model, I decided it was time to take the plunge and work on my own health while helping others achieve their health and wellness goals.


What was your previous professional history prior to purchasing a franchise? 


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources and Marketing and a Masters Degree in Change Management. I had worked in various HR and Change Management roles across Australia, the UK and Hong Kong for 20 years after finishing university.


Had you been a business owner before/ did you have business experience prior to opening? 


Never. After spending 20 years in the corporate sector, I had a solid understanding of strategy, business planning, finance, leading teams, project management; but this is the first time I have owned my own business.


How have you found the process of opening a Studio Pilates Studio? 


It has been challenging but very rewarding at the same time. I've learnt a LOT in the last six months since starting this journey. And I know I still have a lot to learn, but I'm loving the change of lifestyle and doing something I am really passionate about.


Do you have a passion for Pilates or was it something you saw more as an investment opportunity? 


Both. I definitely have a passion for Pilates, having first tried it after a mountain biking accident in NZ and realizing the significant benefits. This passion grew even more when I started teaching and helping others realise this too.  But at the same time, I also saw this as a good investment opportunity - people are starting to realise more and more how important it is to invest in their health and in particular how Pilates can benefit so many areas of your life (both physical and mental), so the opportunity just made sense.


What would you say to anyone who is on the fence about buying a Studio Pilates studio?


As with any business opportunity, you obviously need to do your due diligence, speak with other SPI franchisees and understand the commitment. SPI has a great history, brand and business model. Combine this with a passion for Pilates, the desire to build a dedicated and loyal community and supporting people in achieving their health and wellness goals and you'll be on the right track to success in business and life.


For more information on franchising opportunities with Studio Pilates International, please contact John L Scott, Franchising Director joinus@studiopilates.com.

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