14 November 2023
Studio Pilates

From Infantry Soldier To Studio Pilates Owner


One of the things we love the most about the Studio Pilates International (SPI) network is that all the franchisees have such diverse professional backgrounds, including Bellerive, Tasmania studio owner Carlo Novak. After serving as an infantry soldier for 9 years and then a paramedic for 7, it was the profound impact Pilates had on his own body that encouraged Carlo to consider a career change, which eventually saw him open Tasmania’s first Studio Pilates studio.


Carlo’s story is a compelling one full of resilience and adaptability, providing valuable lessons for anyone considering a fulfilling career change or venturing into the world of business ownership.


What was your professional history prior to purchasing a Studio Pilates studio?


I was a full time infantry soldier for 9 years before leaving to pursue a career as a Paramedic which I did for 7 years.


Who referred you to Studio Pilates initially/how did you find out about it?


A friend actually told me about it when I had started exploring the idea of opening my own Pilates studio because of my love for Pilates and what it had done for me in my own rehabilitation.

What was the catalyst that inspired you to buy your first franchise?


I was exploring going through the whole process with SPI in mid to late 2019 to see if it was the right fit for me and vice versa, when COVID-19 struck and put everything on the back burner. The way Jade Winter (co-founder & CEO) and the team continued to thrive and adapt to the ever changing environment and the fact that they waited patiently whilst I considered all the factors; really showed through action that they’re there for you and willing to support you on your journey in becoming part of the growing global SP family.


Had you been a business owner before?


Yes, I owned the Silk Laser Clinics Tasmania franchise for a couple of years.


Why did you choose Studio Pilates? Why did it stand out to you against other franchise businesses?


I love the overarching ethos of SPI, it’s truly a beautiful community who genuinely care about their staff and their clients and this is reflected in action everyday. While front of house also looks good, it’s the solid processes and practices in place behind the scenes that really gave me the confidence I needed to take the leap.

Do you have a passion for Pilates or was this something you saw more as an investment opportunity?


I do have a passion for Pilates, due to the fact it changed my life. During my time in the military I sustained a lot of physical injuries and I was at a point where I would get back and neck flare ups that would sideline me for weeks at a time - so much so I was actually considering getting a walking stick to use on my ‘bad days’. Pilates was introduced when it was recommended as part of my rehabilitation and after doing it 3 times a week for 3 months, the rest is history and I honestly can laugh these days thinking I was about to get a walking stick!


What do you love the most about Studio Pilates?


The genuine community vibe, everyone is so helpful to one another, it’s a real community of paying it forward and helping one another out.


What would you say to anyone who is on the fence about buying a Studio Pilates studio?


Stop procrastinating and just do it, get amongst an amazing team. If not now, when…


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