27 July 2023
Studio Pilates

From Real Estate To Studio Pilates

Over the last few years there’s been a significant increase in the number of people experiencing employee burnout, which has increased by 5% in the last 12 months (according to the Australian Institute of Health and Safety). For this reason, there’s been a big shift in the number of people leaving roles with traditional organisational structures and cultures in favour of careers that allow for a more flexible and fulfilling lifestyle.


Two of those people are Anthony Allan and Tamara Rodriguez, a successful couple who had high flying careers in Real Estate, which often saw them putting in 50-60 hour work weeks. Living on The Gold Coast made them realise how much they wanted a change in lifestyle, so they could start enjoying their incredible surroundings and start prioritising their health and fitness again.


Initially signing up to Studio Pilates as clients, little did they know it would be one of the biggest turning points of their lives, eventually trading in their corporate careers to open a Studio Pilates studio and never looked back…


When & how did you first learn about Studio Pilates International?


Tamara was attending regular classes at Studio Pilates Palm Beach for about a year (and it was the topic of conversation for the better part of that year too - she loved it). She convinced me to come along and try an orientation class and I honestly had such a great first experience. The instructor was amazing and she didn’t alienate me for being the only male in class, which was a really positive first experience and made me feel like she was genuine about my fitness goals.


What attracted you to Studio Pilates instead of other Pilates / fitness franchise companies?


Experiencing firsthand the positive impact Pilates had on our own health and happiness was a huge turning point in our lives, which inspired us both to consider it as a potential business venture. Ultimately it began from a place of personal fulfilment, and it’s something that not only contributes to our own wellbeing but also aligns with our values and goals. By investing in a Studio Pilates franchise, we can combine our passion for fitness and healthy living with a rewarding business opportunity. This venture not only allows us to improve our quality of life but also helps others achieve better health through the exceptional Pilates experience offered by Studio Pilates.

How have you found the experience so far with Studio Pilates?


Like starting any business, it’s been trying and a little stressful, however the support from the Studio Pilates team has been incredible and they really have been with us along every step of the way. The experience so far with Studio Pilates has been incredibly rewarding, and their guidance has been invaluable in helping us navigate through the challenges of launching a new business. Having access to a knowledgeable support team has made the process much more manageable, and it has allowed us to focus on delivering a top-quality Pilates experience to our clients. The ongoing training and resources provided by Studio Pilates have been essential in ensuring our instructors are well-equipped to teach effective and engaging classes.


How did the two of you decide you wanted to open a franchise?


We searched for over a year for the right investment opportunity. Initially, we looked into cafes, but we realised that we would still be working the same 50-60 hour work week, which wouldn’t help us achieve our main goal of improving our quality of life. Our decision to open a franchise came quite quickly after a single Zoom call with the Studio Pilates Director of Franchising and conducting our due diligence.


During that call, we were impressed by the passion, professionalism, and support offered by the Studio Pilates team. The franchise model seemed to align with our values and goals, and it offered a more balanced lifestyle compared to other business opportunities. Additionally, the idea of helping people achieve better health and fitness through Pilates was a strong motivator for us.


After careful consideration and research, we felt confident that opening a Studio Pilates franchise was the right decision for us. It allowed us to pursue our passion for fitness and wellness while maintaining a more manageable work-life balance, ultimately helping us achieve the quality of life we had been seeking.

How do you guys like to spend your time when you’re not busy working?


When we’re not busy working, we love spending quality time with family, friends, and our furry children. These relationships are a big part of our motivation to achieve a better quality of life. Sometimes, we prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, so we gather for movie or game nights at home. Ultimately, our focus when we’re not working is on nurturing the relationships that matter most to us and enjoying the simple pleasures in life.


For more information on franchising opportunities with Studio Pilates International, visit https://www.studiopilatesfranchise.com.

You can also email or call one of our friendly and helpful team:

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