23 March 2023
Studio Pilates

Hawthorne Studio Breaks Two New Network Records For Client Visits And Challenge Packs Sold

As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, and too often you see businesses - particularly in the fitness industry - able to generate leads on trials, but they can’t manage to convert them into clients. The opposite is true for Studio Pilates, and with 130 studios currently open or opening soon, we can’t keep up with the client demand for our effective, addictive and completely transformative reformer Pilates classes.


For this reason, many of our studios regularly add additional classes to their timetable to cater to this, including our original Hawthorne studio in Brisbane Australia, who just broke two network wide records for highest number of client visits and the highest number of people participating in our 6 week Amplify Challenge. This is anything but a coincidence and one of the biggest advantages of coming onboard as a franchisee is gaining access to the unique Studio Pilates ‘secret sauce’ that keeps clients and instructors happy, classes full and studios consistently profitable.

Record Client Visits 


Studio Pilates Hawthorne is proof of this concept, who recently saw a whopping 1056 client visits in a single week - a new network wide record. To put this into context, this number is almost triple the number of clients required to ‘breakeven’ for an average studio that is fully staffed and managed, which not only creates an electric and motivating energy and vibe in the studio but in turn it also generates revenue and generous profit margins for studio owners.


Record Challenge Registrations 


Fitness challenges are a great way to drive both revenue and client retention - two of the most important metrics when it comes to operating a successful business or studio. Studio Pilates holds 6 fitness challenges each year, each of varying lengths and outputs including the much loved ‘6 Week Amplify Challenge’. Hawthorne's most recent Amplify Challenge inspired 82 clients to complete the challenge - which is the highest number of participants in a challenge the network has ever seen.

With each challenge, participating clients break through physical and mental barriers and not only feel fantastic by the end, they also continue at an increased weekly visit frequency post challenge due to the addictive nature of the Studio Pilates product.


For more information on franchising opportunities with Studio Pilates International, visit https://www.studiopilatesfranchise.com.

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