9 December 2022
Studio Pilates

How Do I Fund My Studio Pilates Franchise?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Studio Pilates is ‘how much do I need to open a franchise’, and it’s a completely fair question. While investing in a franchise like Studio Pilates is exponentially cheaper than building a new business from the ground up, it’s still a huge financial decision. The good news is that in the 10 years Studio Pilates has been franchising, we’ve never had a failed franchise - with many of our studio owners actually owning multiple locations. So if you’re interested in investing in a Studio Pilates Franchise, it might be easier and more cost effective than you think.


Do I need all the money up front? 


No, it’s incredibly rare that anyone would have all the money upfront, and that’s completely fine. The initial costs required to cover a deposit is around $2000 AUD to hold an area for 60 days. In your first meeting, an RO representative will let you know approximate costs in your country and location.


How much will I need to borrow? 


One of the best things about investing in an already established franchise business like Studio Pilates is that we have existing relationships with banks and lending institutions around the world. For this reason they know the commercial strength of our business model and are far more likely to approve a loan to establish a Studio Pilates franchise. Again, there is no one-size-fits all answer to this question as it will depend on the size and location of your studio, but the minimum capital required could be anywhere between $350k - $450k AUD.


Rest assured, before you pay your deposit, our franchise executive team will provide you with an investment range or guide based on existing locations and they will always aim to locate venues and locations that suit your borrowing levels.


How much will it cost me to open a second studio? 


Many of our existing franchisees have chosen to open second, third and even fourth studios after experiencing the success of their first. Additional financial options are available in this instance, including possible financing of up to 100% of the investment. Our ACT based franchisee Tammy-Jo Hunter is a case in point, who opened 3 studios in just 9 months and is already on track to open her fourth.


For more information on franchising opportunities with Studio Pilates International, please contact John L Scott, Franchising Director joinus@studiopilates.com.

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