17 March 2022
Studio Pilates

How much do Pilates studio owners earn?

When it comes to deciding whether to invest in a Studio Pilates franchise, the golden question is, how much do Pilates studio owners earn? According to a number of income surveys, successful gym and Pilates studio owners can earn well into six figures per annum, but the business savvy Studio Pilates franchise network has proven that there is an uncapped earning potential…


While there is no one-size-fits all earning bracket for Pilates studio owners, there are several factors which contribute to the profitability of a studio. The biggest is how much you’re willing to put in, and as with any business, the better and more efficiently you run your studio, the more you will earn.


In the Studio Pilates franchise network, we have three main types of studio owners. The owner/instructor, the owner/manager and the owner/investor.


Our owner/instructors are qualified Pilates instructors and spend a large majority of their time on-the-floor instructing classes. For this reason, our owner/instructors are able to keep their wage costs low, resulting in a higher profit margin for the studio. Liz Ryan, one our studio owners traded in her school teaching career to own and instruct at Studio Pilates and never looked back.


Our owner/managers make up the biggest percentage of our franchisees, and due to the time freed up not instructing, they’re able to open and manage multiple studios at a time, in turn enabling them to multiply their earnings. 50% of our Studio Pilates franchisees currently own more than one studio, due to making quick returns on their initial investments. Rosa McCartney is a classic example, who just bought her third studio.


Our owner/investors are those with corporate/full time careers who are simply looking to expand their investment portfolios with the Studio Pilates turnkey business model. These owners employ studio managers and instructors to run the day-to-day and all profits made from their studios become a passive income stream. A great example is Tom Wyer, a Sydney based physiotherapist who opened a studio in the Sydney CBD


How long before I make a profit?


Again, there are a huge number of factors and variables that contribute to how quickly your Studio Pilates studio will start to make a profit, however as a general rule of thumb, the majority will start to make a profit within the very first month in business. As a Studio Pilates studio owner, you will gain access to comparative data, so you have a clear idea of what to expect and what to aim for. Once you have been approved as a franchisee, we can share this data with you.


What is the outlook for the fitness industry? 


While COVID-19 did provide the fitness industry with its fair share of challenges, at Studio Pilates we’re so proud that not one of our studios had to close their doors due to financial hardship or bankruptcy. In fact, we saw many franchisees open new studios in the midst of the pandemic including Kathy Abbot in Louisville Kentucky resounding huge success.


With the wellness industry expected to hit an estimated $7 trillion by 2025 thanks to an increasingly health conscious population, the Pilates industry is on track for rapid growth, with demand for classes higher than ever.


So if you’ve ever caught yourself wondering how much do Pilates studio owners earn, the honest answer is, there is uncapped earning potential.

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