13 November 2018
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How to Pack Strategically for your Next Holiday

I don’t know about you, but no matter how excited I am to go on vacation I always dread packing. I’m about the worst at packing, I will always forget something vital, pack way too much, way too little, pack for the wrong weather, or every type of weather. So that got me wondering about packing techniques, and gathering for you (and me) some useful packing tips and tricks that will make your next vacation a stress free adventure.
  1. Make a list
I know this seems obvious, but it’s incredible how much easier it makes the packing experience. Don’t just make any ordinary list, though. Try making a  list in sections, such as toiletries, electronics, entertainment. Next to clothes, you can make small notes as to when and why you’ll need them (helps avoid cramming the wardrobe into your suitcase) there). You can colour code your list, make it as pretty as you like, and the best part about a list is that it can be unique to you and the way that your brain works. Get organised!
  1. Easy does it
Lay your favourite clothes out and decide which items go together in the most combinations. This way you can take lots of outfits without taking lots of clothes. When it comes to underwear, try to refrain from packing every pair you own. Think sensible, sports and fancy options.
  1. Scale down on the shoes
Again, try to be as conservative as you can with your shoe choices. If they are super pretty but you know trotting around in them for days is going to trash your feet, forget them. Ballet flats are great because they are usually comfy, they take up almost no space and they look adorable with a range of outfits. If you must pack heels, pack one multi-purpose pair and try not to make them your most space-eating ones.
  1. Go easy on the gadgets
Be sensible about what you really need on your trip. Do you neeeeed your ipad and your ipod and your laptop and your Kindle? Is there one that will do most of what you want?  When I was flying to Australia, I purchased a cheap Amazon Fire, it’s adorable (yellow), cheap (about $100) and can do everything. I could download films from Netflix, books, audiobooks games, Messenger –  basically everything I would possibly need during my trip. Also, I know your hairdryer is important – but realistically your tresses will manage a couple of weeks without the top-notch care they are used to. Unless they won’t.
  1. Vacuum pack
When I was moving from Scotland to Australia, I had absolutely no idea how I was going to fit everything I would need for the foreseeable future into my suitcase. That was when my partner gave me a vacuum seal bag, and I couldn’t believe how much stuff I could fit in my suitcase! When I packed the bag initially, my gear would barely fit in my case and then as soon as all that pesky air was gone, voila! You will need to pack these strategically as well. Roll your clothes and try to pack like you’re playing Tetris, leaving as little space as possible between items.
  1. Ziplock bags
Almost every single travel blog and advice article mentions these handy little fellas. Ideal for putting all of your toiletries in so you don’t open up your bag to find all of your lovely belongings covered in a layer of your expensive moisturiser. They are especially good if you use daily vitamins and supplements, so you aren’t bulking up your bag with bottles. They are also great for when you are travelling around in your destination for packed lunches, finding interesting shells on the beach … heck, whatever you like really.
  1. Put safety first
These days you can never be too careful with your passport, bank cards and phone, especially when you’re a tourist. Purchase one of these great little personal item pouches that sits nicely around your neck on a lanyard. They slip under your clothes for stress-free exploring. On the topic of safety, I always suggest locking your suitcase with a zip tie as well as a padlock. This way you know that your luggage hasn’t been tampered with when you get it back.
  1. Happy holidays
With these handy tips and tricks, you’ll be travelling like an absolute pro in no time. Always remember the basics: make a list, fill up any space with socks and undies, keep things minimal and take the time to pack properly. Image Credit – Stil / Unsplash About the Author – Natasha Porritt is a Studio Pilates Instructor.    
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