22 November 2022
Studio Pilates

Inflation Busting Business Model

There’s no denying how much we're all feeling the effects of the rising cost of living, which has put a lot of pressure on household budgets and incurred a big change in consumer spending habits. Inflation has made many people reprioritize and cut back discretionary spending on things like eating out and entertainment, but since the pandemic, more people are prioritizing their health and wellbeing, which is why Studio Pilates is still thriving amidst the cost of living crisis.


Since the pandemic, there’s been a definite shift in people's attitude around exercise, with more people choosing to trade in high impact cardio and HIIT training for slower forms of mindful movement like Pilates. People are no longer viewing rigorous exercise as ‘punishment’ for an indulgent weekend and have discovered both the physical and mental health benefits that come from mindful forms of exercise like Pilates. Even search engine giant ‘Google’ has seen an increase in searches for ‘mindful exercise’.


Studio Pilates has definitely felt this effect and since 2019 has seen a whopping 149% increase in class visits, with new studios continuing to open at rapid speed. Last week 4 new studios opened around Australia on the same day and 7 new leases were signed across Europe including London and Dublin, as the demand for classes continues to create demand for new studios.


One of our recently opened studios at Coolum Beach was completely booked out and waitlisted two weeks prior to the studio even opening, and weeks later they’re still completely waitlisted - proving both how strong the franchise business model is and that you can be cash flow positive from day 1.


One of the biggest benefits of Studio Pilates in terms of client leads and profitability is that it’s suitable for everybody of all ages and fitness levels. This immediately gives you a huge prospective client pool, unlike some other franchise models, like HIIT which only cater to a smaller and more highly targeted market.


While many fitness based franchises have struggled post pandemic - Studio Pilates continues to go from strength to strength, with 2023 set to be our biggest year yet.


So if you’ve ever thought about opening a Studio Pilates studio or you’re interested in hearing more about joining one of the worlds best and most profitable Pilates networks, book an obligation free call or contact Franchising Director John L Scott || joinus@studiopilates.com

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