19 December 2019
Studio Pilates

I Was Looking for Life's Purpose

Once upon a time I was a stay at home mum of two teens looking for my life’s purpose and an online course that would allow me to become a pilates instructor. After an intense google search and a good cup of coffee, I came across Studio Pilates International and discovered not only could they offer me the training necessary to become a pilates instructor, but they also offered Franchises. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a franchise at the time but after learning more and more about Studio Pilates Franchise opportunities I fell in love with the whole concept and became extremely excited about the idea of bringing something completely new and exciting to Cairns.

My journey to become a platinum instructor and studio owner began by firstly completing an online matwork course and attending a 3 day training course. I then worked towards my Reformer and Platinum certificates which ultimately gave me the ability to work in  and run a Studio Pilates International Studio.

Kim enjoying the spoils and the freedom of being a Studio Pilates franchisee and heading overseas on a vacation with her daughter. Kim enjoying the spoils and the freedom of being a Studio Pilates franchisee and heading overseas on a vacation with her daughter. The entire team at Studio Pilates Head Quarters have been amazing in helping to bring all my goals and dreams to reality. They have been there every step of the way. The only time consuming part of opening my doors was getting council approval. Every other aspect of the business was taken care of by HQ. The design layout of my studio, including all equipment, materials, builders and trades people was taken care of by HQ. Studio Pilates kept me in the loop every step of the way and if there was ever an issue it was quickly sorted with a simple phone call. HQ were unbelievably supportive at all times. The support didn’t just stop at the studio build. I have had a ton of support from the entire team. Several senior instructor mentors have flown to Cairns at different times over the past 2 years to offer advanced instructor staff training. If there is ever an issue with anything within the studio, help is only a phone call away. I feel incredibly proud of all I have achieved in the past 3 and half years from my initial google search to where I am today. None of this would have been possible without the help and support of Studio Pilates International. Everything they represent in a business is at the core of who I am. Those that know me best walk into my studio and say “Oh my god, this is you” and that I know to be true. There are not enough words to express how I feel about being a part of this amazing model and system. Helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals by becoming stronger and leaner is by far, the most rewarding job on the planet. I have so many stories to share and each and every one of them genuinely fills my heart with a tremendous amount of pride and gratitude. If you have ever thought about becoming a Pilates Instructor or buying a franchise, then the only place to go is Studio Pilates International. They have literally changed my life forever. Kim Weaver Studio Pilates Cairns - Australia Apply to own a Studio Pilates
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