1 April 2022
Studio Pilates


At Studio Pilates, our community is at the heart of everything we do and from our clients through to our instructors and franchisees, we count ourselves super lucky to be surrounded by a group of such smart, hardworking and passionate people and our newest franchisee Carla Ellis is no exception. 


With no business experience prior to owning a Studio Pilates franchise, her story proves that a passion to help people is worth more than a background in business and is true testament to the strength of the Studio Pilates business model. We’re so excited to welcome our newest franchisee Carla from Gawler to the Studio Pilates family, which marks the opening of our 63rd studio globally. 


Had you been a Studio Pilates client prior to purchasing a studio? 

Yes, my daughter was in a wheelchair so I needed to take up a workout that would help keep my body strong in order to provide her care - and Studio Pilates was perfect for me. 


What do you love the most about Studio Pilates? 

Studio Pilates is more than just an exercise class, it’s a lifestyle. I love that everyone who tries it will have a unique experience. It’s an overall body workout that quickly identifies where we are over and underusing different muscles in our daily life and corrects those imbalances. I love that everyone finds it challenging in their own way and you get the feeling of being part of a bigger community -  you are all in it together in each and every class! 


What was the catalyst that inspired you to buy a studio? 

I guess the universe reminded me of how precious and short life can be. Helping people live their best lives brings me happiness and frankly life is way too short not to focus on what makes you happy.


What was your previous professional history prior to purchasing a franchise? 

I have worked in the public service for the past 15 years.


Have you been a business owner before? 

I have helped my husband start his businesses, but have never embarked on anything on my own or in this industry. 


Has Studio Pilates helped you overcome any hurdles or obstacles in your life? 

Studio Pilates was a life changing discovery for me. It has helped me prepare for and  recover from two pregnancies and kept my body strong in order to be able to care for my daughters special needs. But even more than physical strength, it has a balancing and calming impact on my mental health so it has given me a mindset that has enabled me to get through tough times. I couldn't live without it now.


Has the process of opening been a smooth/easy one? 

With the flow on effect from the global pandemic, it has certainly been with its challenges, but the support from headquarters has been incredible and overall the process has been thoroughly enjoyable and super exciting.


Who is your biggest career mentor or person you look up to? 

That’s a tough one, as I’ve had lots of people I have looked up to over my career. At the moment, I appreciate people who can balance their career and family. I also have great admiration for people who prioritise passion and community service over a balance sheet.


What would you say to anyone who is on the fence about buying a Studio Pilates studio?

Don't even hesitate - you can't get back the time you’ve lost thinking it over and you will 100% wish you had done it sooner, so if you are looking for a sign to commit - this is it!

For more information on franchising opportunities with Studio Pilates International, please contact John L Scott, Franchising Director john@studiopilates.com.au or visit studiopilatesfranchise.com

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