20 December 2022
Studio Pilates

Opening A Franchise Vs. Starting An Independent Business…

If you’re thinking about becoming a business owner, the biggest question to ask yourself initially is whether to invest in a franchise or build a business from scratch. While both have their pros, investing in a franchise, particularly if you’ve never owned a business before, has a myriad of advantages including support and guidance, financial assistance, lower risk and an existing client base. So if you’re contemplating opening a franchise vs starting a business, here are 4 advantages of opening a Studio Pilates Franchise…


Support & Guidance from Industry Experts 


One of the biggest advantages of owning a Studio Pilates International franchise is that it doesn’t require any prior experience in fitness or business. The Studio Pilates International franchise executive team have over 200 years of collective experience across franchising, operations, marketing, finance and more and are extremely hands-on from the minute you sign your agreement and in your due diligence stage.


Low Risk Investment 


Starting a new business incurs a much greater risk than opening a franchise. An established brand like Studio Pilates International has existing awareness, a built in client base, relationships with lending institutions and a proven track record of success. In the almost 10 years that Studio Pilates has been franchising, we’ve opened 77 studios across the globe and furthermore, we’ve never had a studio close due to financial hardship - testament to the strength of the business model.


Brand Recognition  


The most important asset to any business is clients, and without them it won’t succeed. Studio Pilates International has existing brand recognition in the community, which leads to increased customer demand. In the last few months, Studio Pilates International has seen a record number of clients waitlisted for classes that haven’t even opened yet, proving the demand for the premium, Australian Made Globally loved workout. Our Coolum beach studio, which opened in October, booked out two weeks prior to opening, and saw a staggering 634 visits in opening week!


Business Assistance


The biggest roadblock in starting a business is getting the funding and initial business assistance required to get set up. This includes the not so sexy stuff like financial assistance, leasing negotiations and equipment suppliers to name just a few. Because of our proven track record of success, Studio Pilates International has incredible relationships and knowledge with all of the above, who each know the strength and profitability of our business, making the whole process smooth and seamless.


For more information on franchising opportunities with Studio Pilates International, please contact John L Scott, Director of Franchising john@studiopilates.com.

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