7 August 2019
Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates Franchise Enters The New York Market

Brisbane-based reformer pilates franchise, Studio Pilates, has revealed its foray into the US market will launch with not one, but three new locations.


Back in February, Inside Franchise Business reported that the brand had set its sights on US expansion, targeting New York.


Just two months on, Studio Pilates founder and CEO Jade Winter confirmed the new sites are underway.


“Expansion into the US means that we can reach more people with our message and take another step towards fulfilling our mission to change the way the world works out,” Winter said.


“We aim to make reformer pilates more accessible to more people globally through modernisation, motivation and systemisation.”




The Studio Pilates US expansion sees three new locations signed at South Slope in Brooklyn, Downtown Brooklyn and Southampton.


Winter said the areas represented strong growth potential, buoyed by new development.


“We picked these areas because of low competition levels and access to a large volume of savvy consumers,” he said.


“These neighbourhoods are absolutely booming at the moment and in Brooklyn, there is a raft of high-end condominiums emerging. These developments will bring even more people to our doorsteps.”


Winter and co-founder and wife Tanya have no immediate plans to relocate and will instead be spearheading the growth from Australia.


“I will continue to hire great people locally and abroad to support our franchisees in their business ventures. Additionally, I will personally continue to be here for my support teams located around the world,” Winter said.




A large part of that support comes with the implementation of digital and online communication platforms. Winter says rolling these out has greatly simplified the task of international expansion.


“Skype and other cloud-based communication tools allow us to do so much in today’s modern digital landscape. We leverage this technology to its fullest in order to close any geographical gaps that we face,” he said.


“We video conference with our franchisees all the time. When we need to meet face to face, the US is just a short flight away.”


The Studio Pilates US expansion comes at a time when the network is at its most supportive.

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