27 April 2023
Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates Is Set To Open First UK Studio In Exeter

Did you know that 90% of our Studio Pilates studio owners/franchisees were former clients? After reaping the abundance of benefits from the physio designed reformer Pilates classes for themselves and immersing themselves in the luxe studios, this unparalleled workout experience inspires many clients to turn their passion into profits by investing in their very own Studio Pilates Studio.


One of those people is Felicity Kelly from The UK. Felicity is a former client who tried Studio Pilates for the first time whilst residing in Australia and immediately knew it was different to any other Pilates class she’d experienced before. She quickly realised that the unique Studio Pilates offering would fill a gap in the UK market for premium, safe, effective and extremely transformative reformer Pilates classes and decided then and there to trade in her corporate career to launch Studio Pilates’ first studio in the UK in Exeter, which is expected to open in early June.

Studio Pilates Exeter is the first of more than 9 studios in the works, with the first 3 in South London and Dublin also expected to open by late Spring.


What was your professional history prior to the studio?


I’d worked in the Corporate world for many years, either side of running several creative agencies in the areas of communications and branding.


What made Studio Pilates International stand out to you as a franchise option?


Initially it was the classes that impressed me. While we were in Australia my partner and I both went regularly to our local studio and we were so impressed with the workouts, the instructors and the system. It was so different from anything we’d done or seen in the UK. The Studio Pilates classes are a great combination of the low impact precision of Pilates, with the intensity and buzz of a challenging workout. With the guidance provided by the AV and voice over supporting the personalised help and motivation from the instructor, it’s a very consistent experience and quite different from anything else on the market.


Once I looked into the operational side of the Franchise, I was hooked. There is great support available across so many areas of the business including HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations and Education. The centralised systems are really streamlined and practical, you can tell that they’re based on deep hands-on experience and designed to take pressure off franchisees as well as saving time.

What do you think the UK will love most about Studio Pilates?


I think the UK is absolutely ready for the accessibility of the Studio Pilates offer. There is a growing awareness of the effectiveness of the low impact, high intensity of a reformer pilates workout, which is suitable for a diverse range of people, but they’re mainly available in individual or very small group sessions.  I think people will love that Studio Pilates delivers a clinically backed and proven reformer pilates workout but with the buzz of a class, and a genuine community vibe.


What can clients expect from Studio Pilates Exeter?


Exeter clients can expect a fitness experience that’s not like anything else on offer in the city. A fun, fast paced workout, one which is instructor-led but uses the latest technology to make the most of the workout experience. Each exercise can be followed on screens around the studio, with voiceover to emphasise key points, which allows the instructors to provide one-on-one client feedback, just as you’d get with a personal training session.


And like all other SP studios, the Exeter studio will feel like a special experience, with polished hardwood floors, beautifully crafted furniture, and bespoke Reformers, as well as the SPI signature chandelier.


Studio Pilates currently has franchise opportunities available across The UK. For more information about becoming a Studio Pilates franchisee, schedule an obligation free call today contact John L Scott, Franchising Director john@studiopilates.com.au or visit studiopilatesfranchise.com.

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