14 February 2022
Studio Pilates


They say that practice leads to perfection, and perfection leads to succession and that definitely rings true for successful franchise businesses. Whether it’s KFC’s Colonel Sanders who created and perfected his famous 11 herbs and spices recipe in his small roadside restaurant in Kentucky or Walt Disney who spent years producing films and studying cartooning and animation before Disney finally took off, each founder has one main thing in common. They practiced and fine-tuned their passions personally, and Studio Pilates International co-founders Jade and Tanya Winter are no exception. Having collectively taught over 100,000 reformer Pilates classes, Jade an ex Olympic Swimmer and Tanya a qualified Physiotherapist understand the mechanics of the human body more than most and as a result, they have drawn on their years of experience to pioneer a safe and effective Pilates formula that is like nothing else in the market. After seeing one too many Pilates classes that were far too complicated for clients to follow and even witnessed exercises that posed risk to injury, Jade and Tanya created a fail-proof formula that’s unparalleled thanks to the combination of three unique key elements; clear cueing and communication through SPTV, scientific sequencing, and a four-pillar exercise criterion. After seeing the effectiveness and huge demand for these classes, they knew it needed to be shared globally, and so in 2014, the first franchise was sold. Fast track to 2022 and Studio Pilates has just opened its 62nd studio and is set to make its foray into the UK market, with this expansion officially marking Studio Pilates International presence in 5 countries.    LEARN MORE The 40-minute instructor-led workout incorporates state-of-the-art audiovisual technology to maximize and enhance the workout experience. Each exercise is projected onto television screens around the studio and paired with a fully integrated pre-recorded voiceover explaining each move, allowing instructors to provide one-on-one client feedback similar to that of a personal training session. Each studio features hardwood floors, beautifully crafted furniture, and the SPI signature chandelier and as such, is a premium experience that appeals to members of all ages and fitness levels. This proven Pilates formula has also translated into a proven business model. As a turnkey business, Studio Pilates International continues to see tremendous ROI with almost 50% of current franchisees owning more than one studio. Despite challenges currently faced by the fitness industry, including Covid-19, the business model is so robust, that Studio Pilates International has never closed a studio or lost a franchisee due to bankruptcy. In fact, many franchisees are opening their second and even third studios. With no experience in fitness or business required, rest assured you’ll be set up and continually supported with everything you need to see both your studio and your clients succeed. This precise and purpose-driven formula is the secret to the Studio Pilates success and makes owning a studio more simple and straightforward than ever before.    be a part of the Studio Pilates success story
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