8 February 2023
Studio Pilates

The Studio Pilates Solution To Staffing

Ask any business owner what their biggest pain point is, and there’s a high chance they’ll say staffing. In addition to the time it takes to nurture and train a new team member, it also comes at a hardcost to the business, costing an average of $1252 per new employee (according to the Association for Talent Development).


One of the most unique differences about Studio Pilates, which is also our biggest competitive advantage as a Pilates franchise, is our world-leading instructor training academy, which is a central training school where we train world class Pilates instructors who are empowered with extensive knowledge, practical instructing skills and the confidence to change lives.


By training all instructors prior to them commencing employment at any of our 78 studios across the world, not only does this save our studio owners hundreds of hours, but it also creates consistently high quality and knowledgeable instructors who know how to fill a class and create an incredible client experience that will help you in turn generate more profits.

Finding highly skilled Pilates instructors who have practical experience as well as the anatomical knowledge required has long been a challenge in the fitness industry, something the Studio Pilates co-founders Jade and Tanya Winter found out early on when they opened their first studio over 20 years ago. They grew tired of continually having to retrain the instructors they hired as their education wasn’t of a high enough standard, and so the Studio Pilates Training Academy was born!

Studio Pilates has solved this operational headache, with our international training academy, which offers 15 different courses that have been hosted across 5 countries, with many more countries and locations on the horizon in the coming months. The Studio Pilates Training Academy is Australia's largest Pilates education provider, offering physiotherapy based learning and practical real world skills to generate Pilates instructors of the highest standard that clients will fall in love with.


For more information on franchising opportunities with Studio Pilates International, visit https://www.studiopilatesfranchise.com.

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