28 October 2019
Studio Pilates

We Eat, They Eat.

Studio Pilates International has found a way to turn a value-added program for clients into one that benefits a much broader community.   “Happiness, as they say, is real when shared,” says Jade Winter, Global CEO and Co Founder of Studio Pilates International.   The franchise group has just launched home-delivered chef-prepared healthy and nutritious meals to its Australian network. And the clients are, quite literally, eating it up.   “No other Pilates company on the planet is doing this type of thing and we’re excited to break new ground once again and set ourselves even further apart from our competition.”   What is just as exciting for the company, is their We Eat, They Eat initiative. Rather than the company pocketing a rebate for meals via their partner, meal-delivery service, Nourish’d, the company is instead committed to feeding those in need.  For every 20 home-delivered meals their community orders for themselves, one fresh, nutritious meal will be delivered to someone who needs a helping hand.Clients of the Studio Plates meal program are asked to nominate someone in their community who could do with a helping hand – a friend, a neighbour, a local charity -so it becomes a very personal and authentic way to pay it forward.   “It gives our clients the power of purchasing-with-purpose,” says Winter, “building genuine connection amongst our communities and reminding them that they’re part of something much bigger.” The We Eat, They Eat program was created by Winter a few months ago. Growing up in a poor neighbourhood, he saw his single mother, and other families, struggle to put food on the table each day. This memory has stayed with him - and when Studio Pilates began delivering chef-prepared meals, Winter saw an opportunity to give others a helping hand.   “Our goal is to deliver 100,000 meals by 2022 to individuals, families or community groups who could do with some help getting food on the table.“   “We’re humbled to be delivering on our commitment to making a difference to others’ lives.”   The franchise group has partnered with premium meal delivery service, Nourish’d, the only meal delivery service in the country to be awarded 5 Stars for Value for Money, and second for overall customer satisfaction in Canstar Blue’s 2019 Healthy Meal Delivery Service rating.   The home-delivered meals have been launched in conjunction with the Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenge in the run-up to party season.   It’s the perfect solution for people who are too busy or tired to cook after a big day at work or running around after the kids, or for those who use their kitchen just to pour their morning coffee,” says Winter.   “It frees people up from hours of shopping, meal planning, prep and cleaning.”   “The meals are absolutely delicious and extremely nutritious too, minus processed carbs, added sugar, gluten or preservatives. Plus, there are lots of options for different goals and eating styles including vegetarian, paleo, keto and low-carb preferences.”   The program is in its launch phase in select Australian cities currently, with the goal to roll it out internationally.   “It’s a very exciting time for us, “ says Winter. “Launching this new program provides another means of helping our clients eat healthily as well as showing them how they are benefiting themselves and others at the same time. The We Eat They Eat program is helping the Studio Pilates brand to fulfil its mission to change the way the world works out and it’s a key element in helping us achieve our larger philanthropic organisational goals.”
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