8 February 2023
Studio Pilates

What Makes Studio Pilates Different To Other Pilates Franchises?

There are a whole host of things that make Studio Pilates different from other Pilates workouts on the market, which is what keeps our classes full, our clients happy and our franchisees making good consistent profits. These differences are at the core of our business and are the reason Studio Pilates has been successful for 21 years and continues to open more and more studios around the world due to client demand.


First and foremost, at Studio Pilates we put our people first, which includes our team members, our franchisees and of course our clients. Every process & procedure we implement is for the benefit of our people, whether that’s to give anyone the opportunity to own a studio (even with no prior experience in fitness or business) or to help a client achieve a goal. Here are 3 things that make Studio Pilates different to other Pilates franchises.


We train your Instructors for you 


Ask anyone who has participated in a Studio Pilates class before, and they’ll tell you how hands-on, knowledgeable and motivating the instructors are, no matter which studio they visited or where they are in the world. This is not a coincidence, but instead the result of the Studio Pilates Training Academy, which not only takes the stress out of our studio owners having to train their teams, but also ensures every instructor is equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience required to deliver classes clients will keep coming back to, so our studio owners continue to drive revenue and profits.


We let the tech do the talking… 


At a time when clients are completely spoilt for choice in a highly saturated fitness market, if they’re not getting the most out of every class, they’ll simply go somewhere else. This is where the unique Studio Pilates Audio-Visual Tech System comes in (also known as SPTV) and is one of the reasons our clients keep coming back. Research suggests that multimodal learning is the most effective way to reach an achievable outcome, which is why each exercise is demonstrated on SPTV screens and accompanied by an audio track explaining progressions and regressions. The SPTV system allows clients to continue to move efficiently through each exercise (so they don’t have to stop and wait for an instructor to demonstrate), which makes them feel accomplished after every class - which keeps them buying class packs.


We design our classes to be achievable for everybody… 


Unlike a lot of boutique fitness studios that cater to very niche markets (generally young and incredibly fit clients) Studio Pilates is designed to be achievable for everybody, no matter their age, prior workout experience or fitness level. Every exercise in a Studio Pilates class can be regressed or progressed, so every client feels accomplished and pushes their own personal limits. Not only does this keep clients coming back, but it also broadens the client lead pool, so your classes are always full and your profits healthy.


For more information on franchising opportunities with Studio Pilates International, please contact John L Scott, Director of Franchising john@studiopilates.com.

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