4 November 2021
Studio Pilates

Why Studio Pilates is a good alternative to a Club Pilates franchise

With the wellness industry forecasted to hit an estimated $7 trillion by 2025, more and more people are looking to claim their piece of the profit pie. With the popularity of Pilates only continuing to grow, franchising opportunities are proving a lucrative option; but which Pilates franchise is right for you? Read on to find why Studio Pilates is a good alternative to a Club Pilates franchise.

As a prospective business owner, you want to be sure that you’re investing your money into a franchise that avoids the pitfalls associated with larger chains, so you’re not just another number. One such example is Club Pilates, a network that expanded rapidly and now has over 650 studios globally, but bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.


Studio Pilates is a fast growing international franchise with presence in 4 countries (soon to be 6), proving that the infrastructure of the product translates to all different markets. The robust turnkey business model is backed by the founders 20+ years of on-the-floor instructing experience. Having started the business as 22-year olds with zero business experience, the dynamic duo know all too well the common pain points that studio owners experience, and worked for over a decade to extensively build a franchise and training model that doesn’t require any prior experience in fitness to turn a profit.


One of the main reasons Studio Pilates is a good alternative to a Club Pilates franchise, is their unique use of centralised systems including bookkeeping and accounting, to mitigate any barriers that may prevent people from wanting to own a franchise. For this reason, Studio Pilates has attracted franchises from all walks of life, including Pilates instructors right through to corporate CEOs, none of whom have had to close their doors due to bankruptcy or financial hardship. Over 50% of Studio Pilates franchisees currently own more than one studio, thanks to the rapid payback period of the unique business model. But don’t just take our word for it, hear it directly from our franchisees including Rosa McArtney who just purchased her third studio and broke a world record in the process.


Another difference that makes Studio Pilates a good alternative to a Club Pilates franchise is that you’re joining a family and tight-knit team. This family feel is at the core of the brand, and as a Studio Pilates franchisee, you’ll always have a human point of contact to help provide you with ongoing guidance and support.


Another reason Studio Pilates is a good alternative to a Club Pilates franchise is because of the co-founders 20 years of experience. Starting in 2002 with a single studio, they built the brand from the ground up, and in doing so, mitigated the common pain points experienced and encountered as a new business owner. They are still very involved in the business day-to-day and continue to share their wealth of knowledge as CEO and VP of Instructor Training and Education.


As any business owner will tell you, one of the biggest pain points about business is staffing, but Studio Pilates solved this issue from the outset, with their world class instructor training courses. After learning this the hard way when they opened their first studio, the founders grew tired of having to retrain each instructor they hired so decided to write manuals and facilitate courses that would equip them with everything they needed to be a top instructor. These courses are internationally recognised and designed to produce world class Pilates instructors that clients can’t get enough of.


To enquire about current franchising opportunities with Studio Pilates, email joinus@studiopilates.com or call us on AUS: 0431178272 USA: 09173103883 UK: 02032891442.

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