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4 Tips for Reaching Your Fit Goals and Beyond

We want you to continue feeling amazing and staying fit for life, so we’ve compiled 4 Tips to Keep You On Track.

  1. Tips for strengthening your willpower

So easy to say, so incredibly difficult to do. Chocolate, croissants, hot chips, a bottle of red wine, another bottle of red wine, all have one thing in common- they put our willpower to the test. Of course other items besides food can challenge our self control (such as online shopping), however let’s discuss food for the time being. Read on to learn 7 scientific ways to avoid the lure or pull of foods that are bad for our body and mind. Willpower – Awaken your inner strength



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  1. Get more motivation with friends. Plus you’ll earn $30 Studio Pilates credit towards your next workout when your friend comes into the Studio for their Orientation workout.

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  1. Now is a great time to review your goals – and develop your new goals.

Your contract to yourself will remind you just what you are committing to and why your goal is so important. It will also help you identify your saboteurs and plan appropriate countermeasures. It will give you clarity, and help you check your progress, and provide validation for your action.

Want to get serious about your goals?