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4 Tips To Help You Stay Active During The Holidays

The silly season is arguably the busiest time of the year, when we’re all trying to juggle Christmas parties, family commitments and work. For this reason, our sleep suffers – which in turn can have a ripple-on effect to other areas of our lives like nutrition and exercise, negatively impacting our choices. While it’s definitely okay to enjoy the holiday period and indulge in delicious food and drink, here are 4 tips that will help you stay active during the holidays. 


  • Drink in moderation 

While it can be easy to get carried away on the champagne, waking up with a hangover will instantly lead to poor food choices and leave you more likely to skip your 6:30am Studio Pilates class. Try and slow your alcohol consumption down by having water between every drink or alternating between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for the night. 


  • Increase your step count 

If you don’t have time for a lengthy walk or Studio Pilates class, there are a whole host of other fun and creative ways you can ensure you stay active by hitting your step count. Instead of doing your Christmas shopping online, hit the shops (it’s surprising how many steps a shopping day accumulates), walk places you’d normally drive like cafes for coffee catch ups or even go for a post dinner walk – it’s the ideal temperature to get out and about. 


  • Drink more water 

This one is particularly relevant for those who live in the Southern Hemisphere where Christmas is notoriously hot and humid. Drinking more water will help keep you hydrated (or rehydrated if you’re hungover) as well as suppress false feelings of hunger, which can often be unknowingly mistaken for thirst and dehydration. 


  • Enjoy yourself 

Remember that Christmas only comes around once a year and it’s meant to be enjoyed, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss a few workouts or have a few too many drinks. Enjoy the quality time with your friends and family and remember that health and wellness is a long term consistent lifestyle, not a short-term quick fix so a bit of indulgence won’t send you off course completely.