Celebrities Loving Pilates

5 Celebrities Who Swear by Pilates

From Victoria’s Secret supermodels right through to elite athletes, reformer Pilates is a workout that’s adored and embraced by the who’s who of Hollywood to keep their physiques in peak condition. Here are 5 celebrities who swear by Pilates…


  • Kendall Jenner

Jenner is often papped leaving her private Pilates classes in West Hollywood, flaunting her toned tummy in a crop top and tights that she credits to the hundred year-old-method. 

  • Jennifer Aniston 

Her svelte figure is constantly making headlines and after sustaining an injury at the start of 2020 that sidelined her from most physical activity, she turned to Pilates and never looked back. 

  • David Beckham 

The king of football was once quoted as saying he was in the best shape of his life when he incorporated an hour of Pilates a day into his workout routine and even credits it to lengthening his career. 

  • Madonna

She’s arguably one of the fittest women in the limelight and credits Pilates for keeping her core and postal muscles strong and free from injury, particularly during the physical demands of her high energy tours. 

  • Le Bron James 

The secret weapon workout that keeps LeBron James on his A-Game is Reformer Pilates. Basketball requires a lot of speed and agility and incorporating regular pilates sessions targets and hones smaller muscle groups that are often neglected in other forms of training.