Amplify Challenge

6 Week Amplify Challenge With Samantha Stanley

Our 6 Week Amplify Challenge is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to see the results our hardworking clients achieve. Our Amplify Challenge isn’t just about fat loss, it’s about empowering our clients with the knowledge and tools they need to create healthy lifestyle changes that will last long after the challenge is over.

Someone who can vouch for this is one of our Noosa clients Samantha Stanley who recently completed her first Amplify Challenge and amazed herself with the results. Read on to find out more about Samantha’s experience.

How did you find the Amplify Challenge?
The Amplify Challenge was honestly so amazing. I loved having a routine and something to work towards. The challenge gave me the mindset that I have a total of 6 weeks to completely change my body and be stronger, not only physically but mentally. With the workouts only being around 40 minutes each, it’s more enticing to come to because it’s only a short period of time where you’re raising your heart rate and working your body. The workouts are intense but low impact, giving me the best results in a shorter time!

How many classes did you do per week?
Work was quite restricting for me to get there every day however, I managed to try and keep up with 3-4 classes each week! I found this was a great balance for me as it gave my body time to rest and allow adequate recovery.

Did you have any goals going into the challenge and what results did you see/feel?
Before going into the challenge, I had a goal to become stronger, fitter, toned, and overall happier mentally and physically. I definitely became a lot stronger than I thought and my body is feeling and looking toned compared to 6 weeks ago. I have a lot more energy and it helped to improve my stress and concentration. I noticed that my overall mental health has ameliorated as well as my digestion and bloating! I got into a pretty good routine which gave me such a positive mindset.

Do you have a favourite instructor and why?
I love every instructor at Noosa Studio Pilates! They all have their own unique way of making the class enjoyable and worthwhile. They are all great at pushing you to work that little bit harder, whilst also looking out for your individual needs and wants. They are all very encouraging and motivating.

What is your favourite exercise to do in class?
It’s a hard choice but my favourite exercise is either the criss-cross arms opening (abdominals) or a plank. I find both these exercises to be quite rewarding afterwards because they really push you and make you feel so strong whilst doing them. I also find I really take advantage of my pilates breath most during these exercises.

What habits has the challenge helped you form that you will continue to do?
Many healthy habits have come from this challenge. I am eating a lot cleaner and healthier food. I’m drinking healthier drinks. Bad habits like having an alcoholic beverage during the week have stopped. Having a workout routine has improved my brain health, managed my weight, improved my ability to do everyday activities and has given me so much motivation, energy and happiness!

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