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8 Ways to get your heart racing this valentine's day things to do ideas

Make your heart beat faster this February.  Here’s 8 healthy ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Flying solo this year? Just take your bestie along instead.



1. Take a hike in the hinterlands and enjoy fresh air, sunshine, nature and a picnic.  Not only will you get a good workout, exercising outdoors will also help improve your mood and energy levels. You could even make a weekend of it, finding somewhere in the mountains to cosy up after a big day trekking.

2. Book in for a couple’s massage.  The perfect excuse to spoil yourselves, and unwind.

3. Looking for adventure?  Book in for a tandem skydive, go diving in our beautiful waters, or perhaps get some quality time together kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, windsurfing, rock climbing (you get the picture)  to foster feelings of closeness and trust.

4. Catching a movie together is an oldie but a goodie – give it a twist with the open air cinema or drive-in.

5. Call in a chef to whip you up a personal extravaganza – no prep, no cleaning up, just one-on-one time to gaze into each other’s eyes. Or spice things up in the kitchen yourselves – go to the farmer’s markets and load up on some goodies to conjure up your own romantic dinner – whether it’s a gourmet BBQ, or with a bunch of candles at the dining table.

6. Get coastal. Take a road trip up or down the coast to evoke those memories of summer holidays all over again.  Start with sharing a sunrise over the ocean and finish with a bit of star gazing away from the city lights.

7. Everything goes better with music.  Go out and dance the night away.  Or catch some live music together for that up close and personal experience.

8. All you need is love. And Pilates. Sure, you can always give your Special Someone activewear, accessories or wearables, but your special someone really just wants to spend quality time with you. Give the gift of Pilates for Valentine’s Day and get two hearts beating as one.