Amplify Challenge

Congratulations to our August 30 Day Challenge Winners!

A very big congratulations to clients across all our studios who participated in the August 2019 30 Day Challenge.

We’re excited to announce the winners of this Challenge and share the life-changing results seen throughout our studios. Thank you all for your commitment and dedication!


Julie – co-winner of Best Body Scan and Measurements – 2.4 kg (3.91%) body weight loss
Sharna – co-winner of Best Body Scan and Measurements – 2.8kg (3.27%) body weight loss
 – Pilates Addict – 2.2 kg (2.92%) body weight loss
Julieann – Instructor’s Choice – 2.7 kg (3%) body weight loss

Each of our incredible winners showed, amazing commitment to the 30 Day Challenge, cardio challenges and a focused, positive approach to each and every session!

Marcelle – 
achieved her goal of increasing her strength and vitality!

Sara – Overall Winner – 
2.5kg (2%) body weight lost. Sara also regained her strength post-baby, learned to be kind to herself and she always did her absolute best. It was important for her to be a role model for her young daughter!
Lynn – Instructor’s Choice – accepted every challenge, came to every class with a massive smile and started her journey to believing in herself! 

Julia – Winner of Best Body Scan and Measurements – 
4.7kg bodyweight loss!
Sarah – Winner of Super Challenge – 100% attendance on the Super Challenge. 28 classes in 30 days!
Belinda – Instructor’s Choice

Phoebe – Highest % Weight Loss
Kate – Highest % Muscle Mass Gain
Rachel – Pilates Addict Award
Sarah – Instructors’ Commitment Award
Juanita – Challengers’ Vote for Community Spirit Award

Jo – Overall Winner – 
lost 1 kg and a total of 13.5 cms overall
Katica – Runner-up – total of 11cms lost
Bec – Pilates Addict
Claire – SP Superstar

West End
Natalia – Overall Winner – 
lost 13.92% body weight!
Mia – 1st Runner-up – lost 9.84% body weight
Paige – 2nd Runner-up – lost 7.65% body weight. Paige also set a goal to not eat chocolate for the duration of the Challenge, a small lifestyle change which made a significant difference!

Katie – Overall Winner – 
lost 5.3% body weight!
MJ – 1st Runner-up – lost 11.2cm overall!
Luise – Instructor’s Choice
Bev – Pilates Addict – repeat Challenger who lost 14.5cms overall
Debra – showed consistency and dedication throughout the Challenge

Nundah Village
Peta – Best Results – 
for her weigh-in, measurements and overall transformation of her body! Lost 4.1kg (5.82%) body weight and achieved her goals of remaining committed, losing weight and having lots of fun.
Renee – Best Body Scan Results – for her outstanding body fat percentage loss and muscle mass gain
Caley – Instructor’s Choice – entered the Challenge after completing her 6 for $60 and blew us away with her enthusiasm, commitment and love for life. Attended all of our extra activities and is a great ambassador for Studio Pilates.
Chloe – Pilates Addict – completed 28 classes in 30 days, including doing back-to-back classes some days!

Sun – Instructors’ Award
Anna – Mind, Body and Spirit – approaching the Challenge holistically
Sam – 30DC Winner for Intensity and Consistency – throughout the entire Challenge!
Lisa – Best Measurements Results – lost 9cm overall!

Nanna – Best Body Scan Result – gained 0.6kg muscle and lost 1.4kg in fat!
AJ – Instructor’s Choice – “always works super hard, no matter how sore she is. Has been attending Studio Pilates for a while now and has really started to push harder and increase her springs as well.”
Kate – Special Mention – preparing for her wedding in September and worked super hard throughout the Challenge.

Jessie – Power – for her strength of body, mind and spirit. Jessie did back to back workouts (with a power shake or coffee in between) to get her classes in during the Challenge!
Kate – Progress – for her commitment to improvement and the progress she made since starting the Challenge!
Annika – Passion – for her dedication to the Challenge and commitment to getting her classes in when she could, including doing 2 classes per day on some days during the Challenge!
Nikki – Persistence – our quiet achiever, Nikki gets in and gets the job done every time.

Henley Beach
Sia – Instructor’s Choice –
 for her dedication across the entire challenge.
Paul – 10.3kg (3.6%) body fat loss
Zoe – 2.3kg (2.5%) body fat loss
Jodi – amazing body transformation.