The Bend Like Bamboo Resilience Formula



A bamboo tree is anchored, it is flexible and can bend in direct proportion to the wind, without breaking. It is our foundation and an end result of us diving deeper within ourselves, building a rock-solid foundation.

In your life, if you can focus on flexibility, experiences can give you the opportunity to master your own anchor. Your anchor is who you are, what you stand for, and knowing what you are made of.

This ability has a direct relationship with how happy and healthy we are and how we will show up in the world. We awaken to a sense of guidance that is accessed with a quiet mind, and the ability to sit with ourselves and our thoughts.

We have the ability to move through life and change, knowing what to walk away from when it is not right for us, knowing what opportunities to move towards, that align with our growth. We are able to observe our reactions and link them to shadows within ourselves that require light and healing.


Becoming a master at letting go means letting go of the past, redundant beliefs and stories that are not aligned with our highest good, our fullest potential and what we are truly capable of.

We can identify and let go of our attachments, the monkey mind, disempowering words, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Most importantly, the stories we tell ourselves that keep us in a suffering state of sabotage.

Our ability to manage stress is directly related to the amount of suppressed and repressed feelings we have accumulated. The more emotional pressure we can surrender and let go, the less vulnerable we are to the stress response and stress-related illnesses.

Letting go is the ability to question the stories that we create to make sense of things, to acknowledge how our blocks have served us, learning the lessons and moving forward into the unfamiliar.

Letting go allows us to let things come and go in our life naturally, without grasping. It is the ability to let go of judgement, being the observer, separating unnecessary dialogue to situations.


Flexibility in our mindset impacts everything that matters, our body’s ability to repair, how happy and resilient we are and how connected we feel.

When we are flexible, we can choose our thoughts, we can ask more questions and react more consciously. We no longer need to be right and can see from many perspectives. We can let go of inner resistance and accept what is rather than needing things to be different.

Flexibility in our mindset allows us to change our minds about old stories and beliefs that do not align with our goals and desires.

Flexibility in our body mirrors the flexibility in our mind, this can be optimised with a movement and stretch program.

Flexibility in our soul feels expansive when we are aligned, walking our talk, living a life of meaning, higher understanding, and purpose. With an elevated state we can see our obstacles as opportunities.

When the soul stops growing, our bodies may talk to us through ailments, symptoms and disease; they can be a sign or an end result of us not listening to our inner guidance and intuition.


Resilience is the ability to dig down deep when things get tough, when we want to give in, when the odds are stacked against us or when life changes direction. Our ability to manage stress in times of change, can directly relate to how stressed, healthy and happy we are.

This is an excerpt republished from Amanda Campbell’s interactive online course on Resilience.
Amanda is the founder of Bend Like Bamboo (link), a program designed to maximise resilience and health. Overcoming a paralysis at age 29 from MS, Amanda discovered that a flexible mindset impacts everything that matters: our body’s ability to repair, how happy and resilient we are and how connected we feel.

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