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Which is better for you, Yoga or Pilates?

It’s a commonly asked question … which is better for you, Yoga or Pilates?

We discovered a recent article by Mercey Livingston from popular website Well + Good, which explains the answer to this in fantastic detail.



Mercey explains, “on the surface, Pilates and yoga can look pretty similar—they both use mats, props, and body resistance movements, for example. But when you take a class in either discipline, you discover they feel pretty different. So, what, exactly, distinguishes the two—and, more importantly, how do you know which one is right for you based on your fitness goals? Does Pilates actually help you build muscle and get toned? Can yoga help you burn calories? Should you do both?

Read the full article here to find out how yoga and Pilates measure up when it comes to calorie burn, building muscle, improving flexibility and reducing stress.