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Celebrating 30 Day Challenge: Julieann’s Story

Julieann has just completed the August 30 Day Challenge at Studio Pilates Ashgrove. Here’s what she had to say about her 30 Day Challenge experience – 

Why did you decide to do the SP 30 Day Challenge? What was the trigger, the thing that motivated you to join the Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenge? 

I wanted to participate in the 30 Day Challenge to challenge my body to go to the next level, with the increased number of sessions per week. I’ve loved doing the classes since my daughter introduced me to Studio Pilates Ashgrove.

Did you have a specific goal? 

To increase my strength and lose weight! I achieved both of these goals, losing 2.7kg and approximately 17cm in total.

What were your challenges or struggles during the program? How did you overcome them?

Probably the biggest challenge was finding time to fit 4-5 classes in a week as I babysit my seven grandchildren at various times, Monday to Friday! Often the 7 pm and weekend sessions were best for me.

What was your biggest accomplishment by the end of the program?

My biggest accomplishment is that, at my age, my body is capable of successfully completing the 30 Day Challenge and loving every session STILL!

How has doing Studio Pilates changed you physically? And mentally?

Since attending SP Ashgrove I’m very motivated to continue my classes. Even though they are challenging, I love the variety of exercises and how they strengthen my entire body.

Exercise is important for mental health, and with the classes only 40 minutes, it’s possible to fit them in at some stage each week. This is important ME time also!