Amplify Challenge

Congratulations to our February 30 Day Challenge Winners!

We would like to wish a very big congratulations to all clients across our studios who participated in the February 30 Day Challenge. We’re excited to announce the winners of this Challenge and share the life-changing results seen throughout our studios. Thank you all for your commitment and dedication!


“I did the Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenge because a friend had done the last one and had said they felt stronger. I wanted to feel strength in my body, as I haven’t done any exercises in a long time. I liked that I could book all my classes in advance and could plan my schedule. It also meant I had to get up and go. I found the third week the hardest, but never felt like giving up as I had so much support around me. I lost 16cm in all and I do feel stronger. I see and feel my body changing, which keeps me wanting to go. I can’t wait for the next 30 Day Challenge. ” – Lisa, North Lakes




Julia M: Total KG’s Lost is 3.9kg and Total % Weight Loss is 5.12%
Simone C: Instructors Choice
Sarah W: Pilates Addict


1st prize: Allan B – Total % Weight Loss is 7.18%, weight loss of 6.6kg and can now do up his favourite shorts!
2nd Prize: Michelle N – 3.23% weight loss and now enjoys exercising in the morning.
3rd Prize: Jo S – 2.73% weight loss, 5cm lost from waist and 7cm lost around the hips.
4th Prize: Melissah I – 2.4% weight loss!
5th Prize: Karen E – amazing 5.9cm loss off her waist and 9.7cm loss from around her hips,
6th Prize: Jessica G 6cm – loss from her waist, 5.6 from her hips and 2cm from her thighs.
7th Prize: Adriana G – for amazing dedication and improvement from Day 1 until now.


Catherine P: Total % Body Fat Loss is 2.6%,  weight loss of 1.3kg and .2kg increase in lean muscle

Sarah K: Finishing the challenge with her own personal challenges, Sarah has cronic low back pain with a dramatic lordotic/khphodic posture and we need to vary all abdominal work for her. Sarah challenges with her posture present across every series of exercises, yet she patiently takes on board all corrections and tries diligently. Sarah persisted and has been getting some good results in relation to her pain and function.


Kerri S: Kerri’s strength and changes in her body are unmatchable! Doing double workouts every other day to accommodate her work schedule, Kerri’s technique improved dramatically and we can all tell in her body shape as well.

Tracy R: Although Tracy has been coming for a few months now, this challenge stepped her into over-drive. She did not stop in any workout throughout the month and built amazing strength. We are so proud of Tracy’s results and efforts!


Shelley R: Total % Weight Loss is 2.06 % and total weight loss of 1.1kg


Peta L: Total % Weight Loss is 3.76% and lost 2.9kg.
Zowie F: Instructors Choice
Simone M: Instructors Choice


Julee C: Total KG’s Lost is 3.4kg and Total % Weight Loss is 5.32%
Lauren A: Biggest percentage fat loss of 4.2%
Tracey C: Judges choice for dedication, motivation and consistency.


Sarah L: Total KG’s Lost is 2.8kg


Russell VS: Russell with a loss of 4.3kgs of fat and an increase in his InBody score of an amazing 5 points and did not lose any muscle at all, he is a clear winner!
Melanie B: Most consistent and intensity throughout the challenge.
Kelly W: Approached the Challenge holistically.


Lauren U: Total Weight Loss is 7kg.
Anne B: Technique Most Improved
Tara H: Progression and commitment award
Maddison T: Consistency Award


Siobhan C: Total KG’s Lost is .6kg and Total % Weight Loss is .96%
Trisha R: Total KG’s Lost is 1.3kg and Total % Weight Loss is 1.77%


Therese: Lost 5.5 inches from waist, 4 inches from hips


1st Place: J Fitzpatrick – Total % Weight Loss is 7.26%
2nd Place: B Tindall
3rd Place: S Corkill

Karen S: Total KG’s Lost is 2.2kg and Total % Weight Loss is 7.79%