Amplify Challenge

Congratulations to our May 30 Day Challenge Winners!

A very big congratulations to clients across all our studios who participated in the May 30 Day Challenge.

We’re excited to announce the winners of this Challenge and share the life-changing results seen throughout our studios. Thank you all for your commitment and dedication!


“After doing the 20 classes for the 30-Day Challenge in February I thought I would challenge myself to do the 28 classes in May. This in itself is crazy as I’ve never really pushed myself in the exercise department and have never exercised this regularly… The instructors are brilliant, giving one-on-one advice and keeping me challenged. I’ve improved my flexibility and strength and it has improved my tone too. I feel great each time I leave and feel brilliant for days after. I just love coming to each class and bang on about it to everyone I know. I’ve never loved and enjoyed fitness as much as I do now….you could even call me a Pilates addict!”

Angie, who won the Instructors’ Choice Award at Studio Pilates Henley Beach for the May 30 Day Challenge.

“This is the 4th time that I’ve done the 30 Day Challenge. For me, setting goals to improve my health is the main focus. Having the SA Body Analysis scan done to measure the results has given me the confidence to keep going. The scales don’t always tell the full picture. I’ve lost centimetres off my hips and thighs but the scales weren’t showing the weight loss in kilos that I expected. The body scans have reinforced the results I’m getting doing Pilates, increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat. Pilates has rekindled my motivation for exercise, even on those cold and wet winter mornings at 5.45am. The staff are always welcoming and then the fun begins.”

Tricia, who was the winner of the May 30 Day Challenge at Studio Pilates Henley Beach.

Shaun – Best Body Scan Results
Tammy – Best Measurements
Kristine – Pilates Addict Award
Francesca – Instructor’s Choice Award

Brisbane City
Helen – 2.6kg (2.96%) weight lost.

Julie– 3.2kg weight lost. 

Suzie – Winner of the Challenge, twice in a row! Such fantastic results with her dedication and all her hard work. The results speak for themselves! Lost 2.8% body fat.
Leah and Caroline – showed consistency throughout the Challenge and during all of their workouts. Both lost 2.2% body fat.
Amanda – Instructor’s Choice Award – “always uplifted us and the classes she attended. Amazing commitment”.

All these women smashed their goals and are feeling better, stronger and more confident.

Alicia – Overall Winner – lost 1kg (2.4%) body weight, gained 0.2kg muscle mass and lost 5cm around her waist and 1.5cm on her hips.
Fiona – Instructors’ Choice Award for consistency, commitment and determination.
Ash –  Most Muscle Mass gained – 0.5kg.

Lucy – zero rests.
Brett – biggest change in habits.
Victoria – biggest improvement in technique.

Wellington Point
 – 4.2kg (6.39%) body weight lost, with increased tone and strength!

Lauren – 
Overall Winner, losing almost 5kg, gaining muscle mass and losing visceral body fat!

Henley Beach
Tricia – Overall Winner
Angie – Instructors’ Choice

Nundah Village
Amy –
2.4kg (3.5%) body weight lost
Tonina –  1.2kg (1.3%) body weight lost
Amanda – 1.2kg (1.4%) body weight lost

West End
Brenda- 1.8kg (2.6%) body weight lost
Briony – Total of 8.9cm lost from waist, hips and chest.
Zowie – Total of 11.8cm lost from waist, hips and chest.
Dee, Juliana and Pagaen – Award for Intensity and Consistency.

Bettina – lost weight and also increased her sleep.

Wendy – Award for Intensity and Consistency throughout the Challenge.
Becci – Best Measurements – lost a total of 18cm!
Linda – Holistic Award for approaching the Challenge with Mind, Body and Spirit.

Adelaide City
– Achieved her goals of having increased energy and feeling motivated to keep up the momentum after the Challenge has been completed.

– Overall  Challenge Winner
Kristen – Instructor’s Choice Award
Both awardees had 100% attendance, a great attitude, put in an amazing effort and overcome a number of personal challenges.

Abbie – achieved all of her goals!
Naomi – achieved all of her goals!
Both women were super hard working and saw massive improvements in their strength and technique.

Susan– Overall Challenge Winner – 6.9kg (12.59%) body weight lost
Elizabeth – 5.6kg (6.76%) body weight lost
Donna – 3.6kg (4.38%) body weight lost
100% commitment from all ladies and they achieved great results!

 – Overall  Challenge Winner

Amanda – Overall Challenge Winner and Instructor’s Choice.
Maria and Tracey – Commitment and Persistence Winners!
Amazing efforts throughout the entire month!

North Lakes
Melissa – Overall Challenge Winner – lost 6.1kg. Melissa has participated in the past two 30 Day Challenges – and won both! Losing a total of over 16kg over the course of her journey with Studio Pilates North Lakes, she has discovered new foods (coconut yoghurt is a favourite!), a new exercise she loves, and a new tribe to share her passion with! Kudos to her partner Adam who joined her in the May 2019 Challenge after seeing her results – and for his own 5kg weight loss!
Natalie – Biggest Transformation – lost 30cm overall. Natalie undertook a double challenge to Amplify her results – doing the challenge 3 months after giving birth! Natalie lost a whopping 30cm across her waist, hips and thighs. She absolutely smashed her goal of maintaining her fitness after her first baby (the gorgeous Lucas) was born. 
Juanita – Dedication Award. With a a background in international competitive body building, Juanita came to Studio Pilates North Lakes after being diagnosed with MS. Her specialist suggested pilates as a means to maintain mobility – and ever since she has become a pilates addict! Not only is Juanita’s body responding incredibly in terms of strength and flexibility, she cannot believe how effectively pilates builds muscle tone! (Quite a statement from an ex-body builder!)