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From Pilates to avocado on toast: model, Nathalie Darcas, shares her diet and fitness regime

model Nathalie Darcas, shares her diet and fitness regime

SHE is one of Australia’s most successful models based in Los Angeles, known for her girl next-door style and huge social media following.

Nathalie Darcas has modelled for Free People, Fabletics, Lorna Jane and stars in a new Bras N Things lingerie campaign (where she could easily pass as a Victoria’s Secret model).



But Melbourne-raised Darcas, who has nearly 85,000 followers on Instagram, is keeping it real.

“I’m not a huge party girl. I never really go out the night before meetings and jobs,” Darcas said, wearing a silk singlet and wide-legged trousers at a trendy West Hollywood cafe. “I just get an early night, eat well, wake up and exercise, and then I’ll go (to a casting). I’m a bit of a bore in that sense but it works for me.”

Drinking an iced almond milk latte, Darcas — who usually exercises six days a week — said she doesn’t follow a defined “diet” and instead, eats intuitively.

“I’m not vegetarian but I’ll think about it before I eat a meal — do I want meat?

“Some days I have cravings for red meat, so I will, and other days I won’t. Lots of greens. I don’t really follow anything in particular. I try to eat clean and get lost of sleep.”

Her daily meal of choice? “I love avo on toast,” she laughed.

Super-fit Darcas swears by reformer pilates and is “really into exercise”.

“I probably workout six times a week, even if I’m up at 5am and have to battle two hours of traffic (to work), I’ll go to a pilates class,” she said.

“My secret is… if you know you have a huge day and you want to fit in some exercise, just book yourself into a class that you know you’ll get charged (for) if you don’t go … then you have to go.”

model Nathalie Darcas, shares her diet and fitness regime



Image source: instagram.com/natdarcas

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