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Healthy Eating and Supermarket Shopping – Our Top Ten Tips


Our top ten tips for healthy supermarket shopping:


  • Write out a meal plan at the beginning of the week


  • Plan on cooking leftovers, which you can then use for lunches or a weekend dinner


  • Prior to going to the store, make an exact list of what you need and stick to it!



  • Never shop hungry.



  • Don’t overbuy – simply buy the quantity you need


  • Try to buy local, fresh, or organic ingredients when possible.


  • Buy plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and keep them on hand so that when you want a late night snack, you have something healthy to reach for.


  • Stock up on frozen fruit and vegetables, especially when they are out of season.


  • Stay away from canned goods, as often they contain a high amount of sodium. Canned beans and legumes are fine, just make sure to wash them before cooking (to get rid of any sugar or sodium)


  • Avoid the middle aisles, with the ‘junk food’

If you have it in your cupboard – you’ll eat it! By shopping healthily, you ensure you eat healthily.