Healthy in a Food Truck? Brisbane has it sorted!

The food truck industry has come a long way from the usual suspects of fast food burgers, chips and hot dogs.  There is a new food truck revolution in Brisbane, with a growing trend of healthy food trucks hitting the streets and serving up some of Brisbane’s finest healthy cheap eats.  Don’t feel like cooking, but don’t feel like selling your left kidney to feed the clan? Think about the following guilt-free options that won’t make you fall off the 30 Day Challenge wagon – and that only means #winning!

Zen Sisters Food Truck

Facebook and Insta – @ZenSistersFood

Zen Sisters is an Asian fusion food truck dishing up some winning combinations for fellow foodies.  Some specialties include the Korean Pork Bulgolgi Nourish Bowl, Thai Vermicelli Noodle Salad and Soy Braised Pork Belly with Brown Rice and Broccoli. Yep, they are different – but in a good way, and their menu changes regularly according to the event.  They also nail their desserts; think Gluten Free Brownies, Chia Puddings and Cacao and Peanut Butter Mousse. Still guilt-free, but treat-worthy, because you deserve it! Zen Sisters also caters for private functions, corporate events and weddings.

Happy Soul Bowl

Facebook and Insta – @HappySoulBowl

Happy Soul Bowl has the cutest food trailer: bright yellow with a retro design – and they dish out some yummy eats.  They specialise in bowl food culture, with fan favourites such as their infamous Chimmi Bowl – juicy slow cooked beef, baby spinach and crunchy slaw on brown rice topped with Chimichurri sauce, sweet potato crisps, a poached egg and fresh herbs. Or check out their Crispy Chicken Bowl – crumbed free-range chicken on a bed of baby spinach topped with crunchy slaw, sweet potato crisps and homemade BBQ sauce. Eeep, getting hungry already!

Greens on Grains

Facebook and Insta – @GreensOnGrains

Greens On Grains is an edgy food truck operating throughout the Brisbane/Gold Coast area.  They dish out the most mouthwatering, healthy and delicious macro bowls, featuring tasty and nutritious ingredients such as ancient grains, raw cauliflower rice and scrumptious leafy greens, topped with hot proteins.

They’re called Macro Bowls because they hit all of your macronutrients, carbs, proteins and fats with a wide variety of gluten-free and vegetarian options to satisfy everybody’s needs.  The bowls typically consist of a grain base such as warm brown rice and quinoa, raw and cooked veggies and salads, topped with hot proteins, and paired with a house dressing and healthy fats such as avocado, edamame, chia seeds and almonds. Hunt them down like it’s going out of fashion.

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Image Credit – Zen Sisters @ZenSistersFood / Instagram. 

Written by Leonie Harvey, Zen Sisters

Food enthusiast, boss lady and serious Pilates addict