Hell Week Hath No Fury

Pilates has a lot of misconceptions, but none more common than the one we hear time and time again, that it’s an easy workout… but nothing will abolish this myth faster than participation in Studio Pilates Hell Week. 

Inspired by the Navy Seals’ infamous BUDs week training program (Basic Underwater Demolition), which pushes recruits to their physical and mental limits, Studio Pilates Hell Week will also push you to yours. If you’ve found you’ve become a little stagnant and complacent with your training, Hell Week is the perfect challenge to take on, helping you to reset with quick reward. 

Your Hell Week mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take on 2 Studio Pilates classes a day for 5 days, clocking up a total of 10 classes during this time. The objective is to push through any mental and physical barriers that might be limiting you from hitting your next level to gain rapid strength and set yourself up for even greater physical and mental gains long term.

Hell Week is a training tool that’s used by elite athletes and professional sporting teams all over the world to push your body into an adaptation cycle to break through any physical and mental plateaus you might be experiencing from regular training routines. Our Studio Pilates Co-Founder Jade Winter – a former Olympic Swimmer – regularly participated in Hell Week as part of his swim training, and credits the grueling training tool to helping him hit new PB’s and keep him in peak physical condition. 

With a passion to help Studio Pilates clients achieve the same feeling and results, Jade implemented Hell Week to the SP offering, which has become a much loved (and hated) part of our clients fitness journey. 

This isn’t for the fainthearted, and it’s just as much about your mental strength as it is your physical strength too. Remember to keep your mindset over matter and get set to travel to hell and back with Studio Pilates Hell Week.